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KUKA robot for passenger operation

Certified robot for safe carriage of passengers for robot-based amusement rides: the passenger robots enable highly dynamic robot motions and meet the most stringent safety requirements.

Robots for safe passenger operation with utmost dynamic performance and flexibility: KR passenger

The KR passenger is the specialist for the safe and novel carriage of passengers. It combines the dynamic performance of an industrial robot with the highest priority when working with people: guaranteed passenger safety by meeting the very highest safety requirements – it is TÜV-certified (PTU), EN 13814- and CSEI-compliant, and thus even safer than a standard robot.

KR passenger: multiflexible and highly dynamic robot for a fun ride that is both fast and safe

The KR 600 R2830 passenger impresses with high-speed action as the BEC Robotic Coaster.

Two robots – countless possibilities for the carriage of passengers

The KUKA passenger robot is available in two different variants:

  • as the KR 600 R2830 passenger, specialist for highly dynamic, stationary, virtual reality simulators
  • as the KR 700 R2510 passenger, also suitable for installation in dark rides on circuits.

Equipped with all essential basic properties – particularly certified safety and high payload capacity – both robots can be combined with customized accessories, depending on customer requirements, thereby opening up new possibilities for the world of amusement rides.




Simple animation instead of programming

With the optional KUKA.ready2_animate interface integrated into the controller, the robot can execute motion sequences that have been generated in any simulation environment (e.g. Autodesk Maya®).

Multiple integration options

The KR passenger can be integrated on its own or in groups – either as a stationary installation or, in the KR 700 R2510 passenger variant, on a mobile carriage in a circuit.

Exceedingly high payload capacity

The KR passenger has exceedingly high payload capacities of 600 kg and 700 kg, and can thus carry gondolas with up to 3 or 4 passengers at a time.

Certified safety

In addition to the certification by TÜV in accordance with safety standard EN 13814 and the CSEI-compliant concept, the individual acceptance by TÜV of each robot ensures maximum quality and absolute safety.

Further options

As well as the robot and the controller, modular passenger gondolas and virtual simulations via VR glasses or projection domes are available from KUKA system partners.

KR 600 R2830 passenger: dynamic 6-axis robot for stationary rides with up to 3 passengers

The KR 600 R2830 passenger with a payload capacity of 600 kg is the ideal robot for stationary rides and simulators with up to 3 passengers. Thanks to its precise and freely programmable 6-axis kinematic system, even highly dynamic motion sequences can be realized.

  • ISO mounting flange for installation of various passenger cells
  • Integrated interface to KUKA.ready2_animate for simplified robot programming (optional)
  • Additional interface for direct activation of the brakes (PLe)
Developed especially for stationary integration, the KR 600 R2830 passenger enables dynamic ride fun for up to 3 persons.

KR 700 R2510 passenger: versatile 4-axis robot for rides with up to 4 passengers

The flexible KR 700 R2510 passenger is suitable for stationary amusement rides and for integration in dark rides. The 4-axis kinematic system of the robot and its robot payload capacity of 700 kg make it possible to carry up to 4 passengers at a time.

Thanks to additional brakes (redundant brake / dual brake), the robot is particularly safe and is thus also suitable for integration in demanding environments.

  • Payload capacity can be increased up to 800 kg with reduced payload distance
  • Integrated interface to KUKA.ready2_animate for simplified robot programming (optional)
  • Optional additional encoder for monitoring of the robot motion via PLC
  • Additional interface for direct activation of the brakes (PLe)
  • System controller with stable frame for installation on a carriage
With the KR 700 R2510 passenger, rides on circuits can also be implemented – with up to 4 passengers per robot.

Comparison of KUKA robots for passenger operation: Technical data plus facts and figures

KR 600 R2830 passenger KR 700 R2510 passenger
Number of axes 6 4
Max. reach 2,830 mm 2,510 mm
Rated payload 600 kg 700 kg (800 kg with reduced payload distance)
Integration Stationary (alone or in groups) Stationary (alone or in groups) or on a carriage in a circuit
Controller KR C4 SC2 passenger KR C4 SC1PA passenger
Performance Level of controller PLd PLd
PL of brake activation interface PLe PLe
Pose repeatability (ISO 9283) approx. ±0.08 mm approx. ±0.08 mm
Robot footprint 1,050 mm x 1,050 mm 1,050 mm x 1,050 mm
Weight (excluding controller) approx.  2,650 kg 2,650 kg
Protection rating IP 65 IP 65
Special features Highly dynamic and precise 6-axis kinematic system 4-axis kinematic system with additional brakes and additional encoder (PLe)