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KUKA Remote Service: secure remote maintenance

In a worst-case scenario, help is needed quickly. Even short downtimes for robots and systems can cause considerable costs for production companies. With KUKA Remote Service, you can always rely on the certified service technicians and their know-how and support – no matter when, no matter where.

Quick help when it matters

In the event of disruptions or the first signs of a fault, KUKA Remote Service guarantees rapid assistance and appropriate solutions: using a secure and encrypted VPN connection and the compact KUKA.ConnectivityBox, our experts access the controller in real time and localize the problem. This way, our service technicians see what you see – even without long travel times. The problems between humans and machines are solved by our company’s experienced employees.

What are the advantages of KUKA Remote Service?

  • Reliable

    Guaranteed response times for Remote Service contract customers
  • Secure 

    Full data control and transparency, secure VPN connection with end-to-end encryption
  • Fast 

    Reduced maintenance times and downtimes thanks to data monitoring, rapid remote diagnosis and troubleshooting, usually without the need for on-site visits
  • Certified

    Technical support for commissioning, configuration and programming by certified service technicians

Maximize your availability in a manner that is simple, secure and transparent

Many companies are centered on their systems, robots and machines. In the event of a disruption, our certified specialists in the field of robotics can access the relevant controller, once you have given your approval. Thanks to KUKA.RemoteSupportView, we see what you see. In most cases, our experts – together with the on-site operator – only need to look at the SmartHMI of the KUKA robot. They evaluate the messages present in order to detect and eliminate errors. For you as a customer, this means low downtimes and low costs.



Protection from third-party access

Our customers’ security is our highest priority: a secure VPN connection with end-to-end encryption protects against undesired third-party access.

Support at all levels

Diagnostics, troubleshooting and engineering support for commissioning, configuration and programming – our expert personnel work out suitable solutions for you and rectify any problem.

One box, many advantages

The KUKA.Connectivity Box enables rapid response times and short downtimes along with simple maintenance and servicing by experts connected to the system.

Your data stay with you

No manipulation of the KUKA Remote Service client is possible during operation. No data are saved on the KUKA VPN router at any time.

The best of three worlds

With our Remote Service, software, connectivity solutions with hardware as well as service go hand in hand.

Custom-tailored service packages

Priority access to the KUKA Hotline team with an exclusive telephone number and guaranteed response time – you choose the service package that suits you.