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European Robotics Forum 2016

KUKA took two innovative projects to the European Robotics Forum

Research meets industry:

From March 21 to 23 2016, KUKA took part in the most important European networking event, the European Robotics Forum (ERF) in Ljubljana. “The format is unique in this form,” says Dr. Rainer Bischoff, Head of KUKA Corporate Research. “Unlike other major scientific conferences, the focus here is on exchange and discussion rather than papers and presentations.”

KUKA presented two corporate research projects in the Slovenian capital. A smart LBR iiwa lightweight robot demonstrates machine learning by using an algorithm to classify and sort various objects. The sample objects are shown to the system in a training phase. Attributes such as size and color are captured via a 3D camera and the robot receives instructions from an operator on how the objects are to be sorted – namely, to the left or to the right. 
KUKA presents the LBR iiwa at the ERF 2016

A mere ten exercises are necessary for the robot to learn the criteria. Following this, the program can then even automatically assign new and unknown objects. If something should ever go wrong, the operator can correct the error. In other words, the robot learns continuously, adapting to changes and constantly improving. This provides an opportunity for the topic of intelligent robotics to be discussed with experts from all over Europe. 

Additionally, the youBot in a box concept study shows that robot education, training and research can be performed easily and safely from one’s desk – without losing sight of industrial uses. The youBot in a box is a five-axis robot arm with a two-finger gripper and is connected to a computer via an Ethernet cable. This computer runs KUKA Sunrise OS software, which is used to control the robot. The youBot can be programmed in Java via KUKA Sunrise.Workbench. Since this programming environment is also used for large KUKA industrial robots, the youBot in a box is the best and quickest way for students, researchers and end users to enter the world of KUKA robotics.