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Programming on a modular basis: productive from the start thanks to KUKA.AppTech

Integrating robots quickly and easily into production – that’s made possible by the KUKA.AppTech solution. The programming concept based on the modular principle enables quick and straightforward start-up.

05 Tháng Mười Một 2020

A library for all commonly-used functions shortens programming time

Whether handling components, welding, bonding or measuring, the tasks that robots can perform in industrial manufacturing are extremely varied. The challenge here: every work step must first be taught to the robot via a software command. With the KUKA.AppTech software, the programming for a work step is reduced to a minimum. Just like in a library, the KUKA.AppTech solution stores the most common motion routines and sequences, which can quickly be called and integrated into customer-specific processes.

KUKA.AppTech: overview of the advantages

Quick start-up thanks to short familiarization times

Instead of programming standard motions by hand, KUKA.AppTech allows users to put together tasks for robots from ready-made modules. This saves time and eliminates the need for advanced programming skills. To ensure that robots do not collide or obstruct each other while performing their tasks, the software offers coordinated routines as templates. This makes it possible to avoid a collision between robots.

Reduced training requirements lead to higher productivity

“Small and medium-sized companies, in particular, have great potential for automating their processes with the aid of robots,” states Wolfgang Wanka, Head of Application Programming at KUKA. “Nevertheless, a lack of programming knowledge is often a hindrance here. With KUKA.AppTech, we are eliminating this obstacle.” The collection of templates reduces the requirement for programming experience, allowing the robots to be adapted to new tasks more quickly and easily. At the same time, the software package provides access to more functions: “Specific applications can thus be configured in advance and integrated into complex systems,” states Wanka.

Productive: ready-made modules from KUKA.AppTech save time

KUKA.AppTech reduces the start-up times of our robots and simplifies programming on the way to a production-ready application.

Wolfgang Wanka, Head of Application Programming at KUKA

More time for customer-specific adaptations

At the same time, KUKA.AppTech is not just aimed at newcomers to robotics. The library is also useful for integration partners or expert programmers. It allows standard routines to be created more quickly – leaving more time for customer-specific adaptations and fine tuning. The software also facilitates the integration of KUKA robots without the need for acquiring special programming expertise. Thanks to KUKA’s worldwide partner network, professional assistance is also available at any time – including in the form of professional programming services with KUKA application programmers using KUKA.AppTech.

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