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Easy ordering, more choice: new features in the my.KUKA Marketplace

The my.KUKA Marketplace makes buying robots even easier and more diverse for KUKA customers. With the new "MyQuote" feature, customers can now order even more easily in the Marketplace. In addition, you will find a wide range of refurbished KUKA used robots in the "Used Robots" category from now on.

01 July 2024

As a registered customer in the my.KUKA Marketplace, you have an advantage. Because you benefit from many functions that have been specially developed for customers. We will introduce you to some new features which, for example, further simplify the ordering process.

How “MyQuote” works

KUKA presents its customers with the new “MyQuote” function on my.KUKA, which further simplifies the product ordering process. Customers who require an individualized product offer still need to contact their KUKA contact person first. The customer now receives the personalized offer directly in the Marketplace via “MyQuote”. The order can be completed with just one more click, and further e-mail communication is no longer necessary. my.KUKA thus becomes the interface between consultation and purchase for customers.
With "MyQuote", the order history remains visible to customers on my.KUKA.
The order history keeps track of exactly what was purchased and when. This means that another order with the same content does not have to be reconfigured. Even offers that did not result in a purchase are retained and can be activated by the customer at a later date.

KUKA Used Robots: now new in the my.KUKA Marketplace

Are you new to robot-based automation or are you looking for a cost-effective solution for your application? You can now find a wide range of refurbished KUKA used robots in the "Used Robots" category in the my.KUKA Marketplace. On the product detail pages of the robots you will find relevant technical data as well as information on age and condition. As a registered my.KUKA user, you can also request a specific robot directly, whereupon you will receive a personalized offer.

Used Robots can now be found on my.KUKA.
Regardless of whether you want to buy the robots outright or rent them first, we have a solution for you – at an attractive price and with short delivery times. This keeps your acquisition costs low without having to compromise on quality and the high standards of KUKA.

Harmonization of systems through Ariba

KUKA customers can now also connect to the Marketplace with Ariba, a platform operated by SAP. The interaction between Ariba and my.KUKA is identical to the recently introduced Open Catalog Interface (OCI) feature. Thanks to the seamless integration, order data is automatically transferred to the customer's ERP/purchasing system. Manual entries are no longer necessary and price and delivery time information is immediately visible. This saves time and effort. my.KUKA also transfers purchase prices directly to the customer's ERP. In addition, comprehensive product information, including HS code, facilitates communication. Thanks to the option of using Ariba, even more KUKA customers can now harmonize their ordering systems.

Robot detail page: Export of spare parts PDFs

Always keep an eye on all spare parts for your robots: This is very easy to do on my.KUKA. Each robot detail page has its own "Spare parts" tab. From there, customers can now create a PDF with all available spare parts, including a price list. Those who prefer to use their registered assets for orientation in my.KUKA can also generate the corresponding spare parts PDF there.

Customer Stories: exchange with system partners

With the my.KUKA Customer Stories platform, KUKA is linking the product and application levels even more closely. In the reports created by KUKA system partners, customers learn from real projects how holistic automation solutions are created from KUKA products. Thanks to the diverse integration and presence of customer stories on my.KUKA, customers can now find and contact system partners for the automation solutions they are looking for even more easily on the platform.
From practice for practice: KUKA system partners present their automation solutions in the Customer Stories.
Giorgia Battocchio from system partner Al-Ba Automazione says: "Customer Stories are an excellent way for us to present our projects and capabilities." And Andrius Minicius from Industrial Robotics notes: "With my.KUKA Customer Stories, we can visually emphasize the added value our installations create and win new customers. It is an excellent tool to strengthen trust in our brand and our innovative spirit."