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iiQKA: Robots for the People

Based on the intuitive operating system and Robotic Republic, iiQKA makes automation easier for everyone, from robotics experts to those who have not yet created their first application with a robot.  

iiQKA is the future of simple automation with KUKA

iiQKA creates a robotics world in which everything fits together at the push of a button, works quickly and can be controlled intuitively. Get everything you need to easily install and operate your robot. Unlock the benefits of robotic automation, with or without prior knowledge of robot programming.

With iiQKA, companies can automate production, handling or testing processes in the easiest way possible.

Making complex things simple with iiQKA: Perfectly matched products and solutions

  • Easy start-up and programming

    • Simple drag-and-drop robot programming.
    • Teaching programmed points by means of manual guidance.
    • Quick guides and wizards for first-time users.
    • No engineering tools necessary.
  • Intelligent automation in a few clicks

    • Intuitive online procedure for configuring, purchase and set-up of your robot application.
    • Self-help across the hole customer journey.
    • Quick KUKA support.
    • Open community of users and developers.
  • Flexibility and control over entire automation

    • Easy reprogramming for frequent workpiece changes, especially for tasks such as handling and quality control.
    • Authority over entire automation processes, from planning to commissioning.
  • Certified extentions to match your needs

    • Seamless compatibility of all components.
    • Various extensions to customize your solution: grippers, vision systems and sensors.

Combine components to create a fully-functional robot application in just a few clicks

iiQKA allows you to put together your individual automation package, without any prior knowledge or programming experience. All its components are compatible with each other, making it quick and easy to get ready for use.

iiQKA.OS and Robotic Republic.
The keys to simple industrial automation for everyone.

The world of simple automation with KUKA is created by the perfect interplay of the iiQKA.OS operating system and the open ecosystem Robotic Republic. Closely interlocked, both building blocks ensure that the simple automation of production processes becomes possible for everyone.

Robotics for everyone – whether newcomer or expert.

iiQKA: developed with users for users

iiQKA’s functionalities and usability are continuously being developed. Fast, regular feature updates are designed and implemented in ongoing dialog with users and creators. KUKA has implemented the KUKA User Forum, among other things, to closely involve users in the development process. Users can participate in discussions there, post suggestions, and receive direct support from KUKA experts and other users in the implementation of their robotics applications. 

  • Request components

    Help us to adapt the expansion of the iiQKA component portfolio specifically to your requirements.
  • Encourage new functions

    Share your wishes with us. The expansion of iiQKA features is based on the needs of the users.
  • Optimize usability

    Optimize the iiQKA user experience through your practical experience and suggestions.
  • Receive support

    Access the network and know-how of iiQKA experts directly when you have questions.

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