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Automation in the energy sector

The energy sector is currently undergoing a transition where “Green” energy needs storage and productions change fundamentally. Flexibility and innovative concepts for energetic recovery are required. KUKA is aware of these challenges and supports you in your production along the entire value chain.

The battery production and photovoltaics are famous growth topics of the energy technology. Especially in the field of e-mobility,  the demand for energy storage is of paramount importance.

Owing to many years of partnership with the Automotive industry, KUKA has extensive experience in this area. In addition, as a system integrator, we have know-how that is proven in our past success stories with customers, for example, Chrysler USA or General Motors.

For each project, we bring together specialists from all sectors and offer the expertise of the highest level. We work out holistic solutions and react flexibly to the dynamic market and trends.

Well-equipped: With KUKA, the automotive industry is optimally prepared for the production of energy storage systems.

Full service along the value chain

In the production process for battery modules, highly complex technological challenges must be mastered in the energy technology. This requires special knowledge about the production of battery modules and complete battery systems ("packs") as well as the experience to organize your production economically.

KUKA brings you exactly that. We cover the entire value-added chain for energy technology, from energy generation to storage, KUKA is your ideal partner.

  • Battery cells
    In the production of battery cells, there is a particular challenge in joining hard-to-connect materials such as copper and zinc. KUKA has been using proven technologies for years such as rotary friction welding, which guarantee the optimal result.

  • Battery module
    We connect individual battery cells to modules and offer the best handling and welding solutions.

  • Battery pack
    For the assembly of complex complete systems in packs, we offer handling solutions or find your solution for housing construction. KUKA is your best contact thanks to our expert knowledge in foundry and especially in aluminum castings. Since the packs require cooling, we work with the technology of friction stir welding.

With the process know-how of KUKA you have great advantages in the manufacturing of batteries.

Individual solutions as required

KUKA stands for long-lasting solutions: from individual robots to complete turn-key production lines. Thanks to our excellent process know-how, we offer you the highest security in the calculation and the best quality of your solution.

In doing so, we strive to find the optimum for you: We are flexible in thinking and planning and elaborate your special solution according to your requirements - for every step in photovoltaic and battery assembly.

The megatrend of e-mobility is having a long-term influence on the technology, design and production of vehicles. The electric powertrain, and in particular batteries, play an important key role here. As a global partner, KUKA supports its customers with intelligent automation solutions for battery production. In this way, we are contributing to the successful technological and economical implementation of innovations in the field of e-mobility.

Dr. Joachim Döhner, Vice President Business Unit Battery, KUKA Division Automotive

Partnerships with renowned institutes

As a partner of the manufacturers and their suppliers in the energy sector we maintain many research partnerships with the world's leading institutes in this sector, e. g.:

  • Technical University of Munich

  • German National Aeronautics and Space Research Centre

  • Fraunhofer Society

KUKA successfully combines experience in battery design with the expertise of material research. KUKA offers the necessary planning tools and components for a complete automation concept as well as outstanding process know-how.

KUKA is driving the development in the energy sector with a network of research partners.