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KUKA Mor-Tech MKX-1500 Dual Direction Automated Guided Cart (AGC)

The MKX-1500 AGC builds on the low-cost and reliable MK1500 with a new reverse option for greater flexibility navigating through complex manufacturing environments.

KUKA Mor-Techs original SD & HD series AGCs set the standard for low cost high-performance industrial AGCs, providing the flexibility and agility to support a wide range of material handling and assembly processes across the globe. The introduction of the MKX-1500 raises the bar again. Enhanced with forward/reverse capabilities, the new MKX-1500 is perfect for more complex industrial footprints, delivering a more versatile set of options to navigate hard to reach areas like dead ends. The highly adaptable, PLC-controlled cart boasts a tugging capacity of 1,500 lbs., making it the perfect choice to support a number of different applications in a variety of settings.

Ease of maintenance

The AGC´s familiar, technician-friendly design makes it easy to work on, saving valuable time and money associated with lengthy unplanned downtimes. And since the MKX-1500 AGC is PLC-controlled, all you need to do is log on to the PLC to run trouble shooting diagnostics that find the root cause of your problem quickly and easily. 
MKX-1500 Dual Direction Automated Guided Cart

Optimal charging for maximum uptime

Each MKX-1500 AGC comes equipped with TPPL batteries and an on-board charger that deliver full availability for twelve to fifteen hours at a time. For longer durations and multiple shifts, you can choose from different opportunity battery charger system setups that offer the flexibility to keep carts fully charged without the need to plug them in.
On-board charger

Control reliable safety

The MKX-1500 AGC’s Class 3 safety-rated scanners provide leading collision detection and avoidance without the need to buy additional safety features. The cart also comes furnished with an onboard emergency stop complete with a monitored dual channel safety relay circuit that removes drive power once the AGC is stopped.

The MKX-1500´s open architecture

The MKX-1500 AGC’s open PLC architecture makes for trouble-free integration into your existing manufacturing footprint while providing maximum flexibility to incorporate future modifications. The versatile infrastructure enables onsite personnel to easily revise the existing system and customize it to the unique needs of the organization for future applications.

Optional features and services:

The MKX-1500 is available with a number of supporting products and services that can transform your system into a turnkey solution:

  • Optical 8 input/8 output data coupler 

  • Auxiliary power and I/O Ports

  • Integration services, like path planning and docking stations 

  • Opportunity battery charging systems 

  • Support and maintenance tools and services 

  • Traffic control systems for complex flow management, error proofing, assembly systems or data collection

  • Engineering services and turnkey solutions

  • Part fixturing

  • Custom trailers 

Flyer: Autonomous Guided Carts from KUKA Mor-Tech

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All about the KUKA Mor-Tech AGC model range at a glance:

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