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KUKA Mor-Tech MK1500 Automated Guided Cart

The MK1500 is a flexible industrial automated guided cart (AGC) that seamlessly integrates into your production processes. Cost-effective and reliable, it provides an intelligent way to transport products and material throughout your manufacturing environment.

A low-cost solution for modern manufacturing challenges

Faced with increasing pressure to keep up in a competitive global marketplace, today’s manufacturers are looking for creative ways to overcome space limitations and maximize production throughput. While reducing manpower the MK1500 is an automated guided cart that navigates industrial landscapes to efficiently deliver material and products to their destination, helping reduce cycle times and the need for slower manual operations. 

KUKA Mor-Tech MK1500

The MK1500 tows loads up to 1,500 lbs. and can be easily incorporated into existing manufacturing footprints. The versatile, PLC-controlled cart also supports assembly process applications, eliminating the necessity for dedicated conveyors and manual push-pull lines.

KUKA Mor-Tech MK1500: advantages

The MK1500 is an automated guided cart (AGC) that provides optimal process support across your production facilities:

Maximum availability for when you need it most

The MK1500 is equipped with 24VDC military grade TPPL batteries and an onboard charger for highly reliable operation throughout each shift and supplemented by different opportunity charger system setups for longer intervals and shifts. The high-performance AGC’s easy to maintain modular design provides faster time to diagnosis and resolution in the event of unplanned downtime, saving valuable production time and money.

The flexibility to keep up with changing needs

KUKA Mor-Tech’s MK1500 utilizes cost-effective magnetic path tape for guidance, making it easy to install and easy to modify in the event of a route change. The AGC’s PLC controlled open architecture enables onsite staff to effortlessly customize the system to your evolving needs.

Controlled and reliable safety

Each MK1500 utilizes a high torque stepper motor controlled steering system for accurate and responsive navigation. The cart also has a Class 3 safety-rated scanner for collision detection and avoidance and an control reliable e-stop circuits that drop power to the motors when enacted.

KUKA Mor-Tech MK1500

MK1500: simply a complete material handling solution 

The MK1500 comes with a full set of easy to use features that help support your manufacturing processes to Industry 4.0 and beyond:

  • NEMA/2 control panel enclosure: contains the PLC, fault display, indicators and pushbuttons that enable interaction with the vehicle 
  • Unique steering shaft: allows manual steerimg and pushing for easy recovery and maintenance 
  • Status and fault screen display: for running information and fault history 
  • Door mounted tow pin circuit breaker: enables quick detection of faulted trailer engagement
  • Easy to understand operation manuals: outlines everything the operator needs for simple operation and modifications to the layout 
  • OEM wiring specs: for familiarity and ease of service 

KUKA Mor-Tech MK1500 optional features and services:

The KUKA Mor-Tech MK1500 comes with a number of supporting products and services to help you get the most out of your system:

  • Integration services, like path planning and docking stations 
  • Opportunity battery charging systems
  • Support and maintenance services
  • Traffic control systems for complex flow management
  • Engineering services & turnkey solutions
  • Part fixturing 
  • Custom trailers

Flyer: Autonomous Guided Carts from KUKA Mor-Tech

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All about the KUKA Mor-Tech AGC model range at a glance:

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