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KUKA Mor-Tech HD2500 Automated guided cart

Built with a ¼" thick interlocked and welded frame, the HD2500 is KUKA Mor-Tech Design’s heavy duty automated guided cart (AGC). The durable vehicle’s enhanced capabilities provide a low-cost way to haul heavy loads across your production footprint.

A powerful, cost-effective AGC for the modern factory

The need to overcome competing demands in today’s marketplace has companies looking for inventive ways to transcend conventional space and process limitations and increase productivity and quality. The HD2500 is an economical automated guided cart that autonomously navigates tight production environment to efficiently support everything from material delivery to assembly process applications.

KUKA Mor-Tech HD2500

Utilizing a high ratio heavy duty transaxle, the KUKA Mor-Tech HD2500 has a towing capacity of up to 3,000 lbs. The versatile, PLC-controlled cart can be integrated into existing manufacturing, assembly or material management processes quickly and easily. It provides an efficient means of transporting products and materials and replaces other conveyable methods with the reusable and modular design - for better ROI and less future capital equipement lost.

KUKA Mor-Tech HD2500: benefits

The HD2500 is an automated guided cart (AGC) that provides heavy duty process support for the transportation of large products and materials across your manufacturing facilities.

Maximum availability: all day, every day

While some manufacturers use standard deep cycle batteries or upcharge batteries for more power, all our AGVs come standard withhigh capacity military grade TTPL batteries. Durable military case construction and maximum AH capacity per size give you the longest possible run time while accepting high rates of charge for faster recharging. If 24 hour operation is what your needs require we have a variety of opportunity charging methods which allow 24/7 operation

The flexibility to keep up with evolving manufacturing demands 

KUKA Mor-Tech’s HD2500 utilizes cost-effective magnetic path tape for guidance, making it easy to install and easy to modify in the event of a route change. The AGC’s open architecture enables onsite staff to effortlessly customize the system to your changing needs.The AGC’s easy to maintain design delivers higher performance while providing faster time to diagnosis and resolution, saving you valuable time and money in the event of unplanned downtime.

Controlled and reliable safety

The HD2500 comes furnished with high torque stepper motor-controlled steering for accurate and responsive navigation and onboard safety relays that drop power to the motors when enacted. The cart has a Class 3 safety-rated scanner with 16 programmable zones for collision detection and avoidance.

KUKA Mor-Tech HD2500 

KUKA Mor-Tech HD2500: packed with a host of standard features

• Allen-Bradley PLC & I/O expansion modules 

• Unique steering system allows both pendent and manual push steering feature

• Standard opportunity charging contact shoes 

• OEM wiring coloring and labeling

• Standard “on-board”  battery charger

• Class 3 scanner with 16 field sets (zones) 

• Status and fault display with protective polycarbonate cover 

• (2) 12V TPPL military grade batteries 

• Sealed door mounted circuit breakers

• Complete easy to follow OEM style manual  

Optional features and services:

The HD2500 is available with a complete line of options, supporting equipment and available services to transform your system into a turnkey solution:

  • Optical 8 input/8 output data coupler 
  • Auxiliary power and I/O Ports
  • Integration services, like path planning and docking stations 
  • Opportunity battery charging systems 
  • Support and maintenance tools and services 
  • Traffic control systems for complex flow management, error proofing, assembly systems or data collection 
  • Engineering services and turnkey solutions
  • Part fixturing
  • Custom trailers 

Flyer: Autonomous Guided Carts from KUKA Mor-Tech

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All about the KUKA Mor-Tech AGC model range at a glance:

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