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One hundred ideas for the future: KUKA supports "Wirkung hoch 100" funding initiative

The Stifterverband's anniversary initiative "Wirkung hoch 100" (Impact to the power of 100) supports 100 forward-looking projects in the fields of education, science, and innovation. An expert advisory board selects the projects with the greatest potential in a multi-stage process. KUKA is on board as a partner in the initiative.

26 août 2021

As a technology company in the field of robotics and automation, KUKA is playing a key role in shaping the world of tomorrow.

With our products and solutions, we are changing the world of work and therefore bear social responsibility. In this context, the aspects of innovation and education also play a major role as important potential for the future. We accompany "Wirkung hoch 100" to promote forward-looking ideas around education, science and innovation.

Wilfried Eberhardt, Chief Marketing Officer KUKA AG

KUKA experts also support the project teams and make their many years of experience available for exchange and consultation. How will we learn, teach, research and develop society through innovation tomorrow? What should the school, university and innovation system of the future look like? And how can digitization help find answers to the most important challenges facing society? These are the kinds of questions addressed by the projects of representatives of public or non-profit institutions such as associations or initiatives.

KUKA helps shaping the working world of the future with products and solutions.

From the original 100 ideas, 30 projects with the greatest potential in fields such as STEM, School 2.0 or AI and robotics have already been identified for the second phase this year. All 30 projects will be able to pitch for further funding in September. The ten teams that most convince the "Wirkung hoch 100" advisory board will receive a total of one million euros. The criteria: Impact and scaling potential.

"Finding the best ideas for the future of education, science and innovation and making them big – that is the goal of 'Wirkung hoch 100'. To achieve this, we rely on needsbased funding, individual support and networking, and the transfer of expert knowledge. We are delighted to have a committed partner on board in KUKA, which is also making its expertise available," said Ann-Katrin Schröder-Kralemann, co-head of "Wirkung hoch 100" at the Stifterverband.

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