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Learn about the technologies and trends defining the next generation of industry. KUKA Whitepapers offer expert insight into the forces shaping future production landscapes.

“Future Production Fast Forward”

November, 2020 - COVID-19 has made the advantages of Industry 4.0 technologies more tangible than ever. But adoption is not accelerating at the same pace for all.

Certain digital solutions have seen rapid and sweeping adoption in industry as a result of the pandemic. But while COVID-19 has provided a unique use case for the most advanced Industry 4.0 technologies, economic difficulties have slowed investment into the latest innovations. The manufacturers best-positioned to surge ahead after the crisis are those who had already built-out their Industry 4.0 infrastructure prior to the crisis.

The latest White Paper from KUKA and robotics expert Prof. Ing. Dirk Jacob explores the strategic approaches and innovative tools that industry leaders are using to navigate the pandemic and set the course for production in a post-Corona economy.

What’s inside:

  • Universal acceleration – Which once-burgeoning production trends have now become ubiquitous and indispensable?

  • A head start in future production – Using these technologies, well-prepared companies could seize the moment and forge ahead amidst volatile production conditions.

  • Strategic approaches to “the New Normal” - To thrive in a post-COVID economy, companies must gear their manufacturing towards these sweeping industry developments.

  • 3 key factors in mastering the transformation - Companies that prioritize these key factors are best positioned to emerge from the crisis victorious.

  • Checklist for pandemic-proofing production - Using lessons won from 2020, here is how to secure your production in time for the next great disruptor.

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“Shaping Future Production Landscapes”

July, 2019 - production environments are changing and evolving at an ever increasing rate. To successfully confront these new challenges, make the decision now to align your strategies, systems and processes with the requirements of tomorrow. 

In the white paper “Shaping Future Production Landscapes”, find out more about:

  • Megatrends and the impact they will have on the production systems of the future

  • Key factors that will enable your company to successfully overcome the challenges of the future

  • Practical tips on how to set up your production systems in a sustainable manner

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