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Airborne KUKA System Parter

Airborne and KUKA announce Official System Partnership

KUKA, one of the world's leading automation companies, and Airborne, leader in the advanced manufacturing of composites, are proud to announce that Airborne has become a KUKA system partner. With this partnership the existing cooperation between the companies has deepened even further.

20 June 2018

In 2015 both companies became partners in the Digital Factory for Composites, a field lab that has been founded and established in close collaboration with Siemens Netherlands. During the last years Airborne has been developing several solutions to support the next steps in the advanced manufacturing of composites, based on the principles of Industry 4.0 and the digital manufacturing.

Through new and automated production solutions such as the Automated Laminating Cell, the Automated Honeycomb Potting and the Kitting and Sorting systems, clients are able to benefit from both the software, services and machines to help increase their composites production in an efficient and effective way.

Marcus Kremers, CTO of Airborne, says: “Airborne develops new, innovative ways to manufacture composites faster, more sustainable and at a reduced cost level. We use our composite know-how to offer our clients better solutions for automated manufacturing, and we do that by supplying dedicated manufacturing cells or complete end-to-end solutions. KUKA robots are the perfect solution for our purposes. We are proud to be an official system partner and are looking forward to establishing our partnership even further in the nearby future.”
Airborne KUKA System Parter
Airborne is KUKA's new Official System Partner
KUKA doesn’t select just any company to become an Official System Partner, says Stijn Janssen, Sales Manager of KUKA. For KUKA it’s very important that the company has a long-term vision and an urge for innovation and growth. Thanks to successful collaborations in the past with Airborne, KUKA knew that they would close a partnership with a company that stands for quality and with an open mind towards its customers. KUKA believes that with this partnership between our two growing and innovative companies, there are no limits to our capabilities.