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Robot pioneer with German engineering spirit

KUKA is more than a robot manufacturer. We invented the industrial robot and have over 50 years of robotics expertise. Our headquarters is in Germany, but our spirit is at home around the world. All of this makes KUKA unique – or, as we call it: the #HomeofRobotik.

What does #HomeofRobotik mean for us?

Some 50 years ago, KUKA developed the first industrial robot with a strong German engineering spirit. This makes us the birthplace of industrial robotics – the #HomeofRobotik.

But for us, #HomeofRobotik means even more: It stands for top product quality, excellent design, innovative engineering skills and reliable service – all shaped by a German engineering spirit that is lived out daily at KUKA companies around the world.

  • Decades of experience

    • Founded in 1898 in Augsburg in southern Germany
    • 125 years of company history
    • 50 years of robotics expertise
    • 1973, Robotics milestone: Development of the first ever electrically driven industrial robot
    More about KUKA’s history.
  • Top product quality and excellent design

    • Top German engineering standards at all KUKA production sites: Germany, Hungary, China
    • Excellent product design that garnered the German Design and German Innovation Awards
    Learn more about the awards.
  • Innovative engineering deep in our DNA

    • In-house research area for pioneering ideas in robotics
    • Close collaboration with technology partners, institutions, universities and start-ups 
    • Professional innovation management 
    More about KUKA’s research focus.
  • German engineering spirit: from Augsburg to the world

    • Offices in approximately 50 countries on every continent
    • International development department with locations in Germany, Hungary, China and the United States
    • Global 24/7 service on-site at customer plants
    Overview of all KUKA locations.

Robot production with a passion

Edmund Bahr is KUKA's Head of Production at the Augsburg and Hungarian sites. Together with his production team, he ensures that KUKA robots leave the production shops in the highest quality each day.

Your vision? Our reality! Achieving great things together

We are more than a robot manufacturer. Our company is an innovation partner, a shaper of the future and implementer of your vision. Together with customers and partners, we are actively setting a course for even more automation to turn your production challenges into advantages. 

Would you like to automate your processes?

Send us your inquiry. Our experts would be happy to advise you.

Strong automation solutions for a wide range of markets

Discover a wide range of efficient and innovative production solutions where we have used our expertise as a robot manufacturer and automation specialist.

KUKA is the #HomeofRobotik. Founded in Augsburg in southern Germany and at home around the world.

The world’s first electrically driven industrial robot is “Made in Augsburg”

In 1973, KUKA became a robotics pioneer by introducing the world's first electrically driven industrial robot – the KR FAMULUS – which was also KUKA's first robot. What is standard today was a great innovation back then. Prior to that, KUKA built welding production lines for the automotive industry using hydraulically operated robots from a U.S. manufacturer. However, because the hydraulically operated robots lost a lot of oil, another solution had to be found. The result was the birth of the electrically driven KR FAMULUS.
The proud development team of the KR FAMULUS at the KUKA plant in Augsburg some 50 years ago.

The German engineering spirit inspired bold and innovative robotics ideas from the system designers more than 50 years ago. Day and night, the team worked with great passion to design the world’s first electrically driven industrial robot.

Richard Schwarz, part of the KUKA development team for the first electrically driven industrial robot

Some 50 years ago, KUKA developed the first electrically driven industrial robot and thus became the #HomeofRobotik– the birthplace of industrial robotics.

In 1973, KUKA developed the KR FAMULUS, the first electrically driven industrial robot. This German engineering spirit can still be found in every single KUKA robot.

Robots pull the strings – A creative collaboration “Made in Augsburg”

Robot manufacturer KUKA and the Augsburg Puppenkiste puppet theater celebrate their anniversary together with a special project: a fully automated puppet theater. KUKA robots assume the roles of puppeteers in telling the story of Kasperle and the little dragon Famulus.