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Keep on moving

This is the motto for KUKA's 125th anniversary. No wonder, after all, this is the spirit that has driven the company since day one. And which has turned a twoman operation in Augsburg into a globally operating supplier of advanced automation solutions. That's why KUKA doesn't celebrate itself, but all those who keep moving us forward: the 14,000 "KUKAneers" around the world.

The drive of a start-up for 125 years

Experience the spirit that has characterized KUKA since its founding. The following video provides a current insight. You can see the long way there and which milestones KUKA has set to date in the chapter on the company history. You can learn about the contribution made by employees from different parts of the world in five personal stories. Of course, you will also find all the anniversary events and all the news from the social media channels here.

A short movie about a great movement

Employees from around the world gather to give you five different perspectives of their contribution to KUKA.

Founded in 1898, evolving ever since

The company's 125-year history proves it: The secret of KUKA's success is to keep moving, to keep changing, and to keep reinventing itself in order to once again develop the next big thing. Just like 50 years ago, when KUKA went from being a specialist in welding technology to a specialist in automation solutions with the invention of the world's first industrial robot.

Learn more about our history here.
At KUKA we pride ourselves in continuously evolving
At KUKA we pride ourselves in continuously evolving

One common spirit, six personal perspectives

One common spirit, six personal perspectives
  • Ong, Celine (Ms.)

    I´ll keep on coming up with interesting ideas to create better promotional content.
  • Balogh, Attila (Mr.)

    I ensure that the necessary raw materials are delivered to production in the right quantities and at the right time.
  • Ahokas, Heidi (Ms.)

    I will keep on working for the best possible Monday to Friday experience of our employees.
  • Meng, Zhang (Mr.)

    My job is software integration. I hope that with the cooperation of the developement team and the test team, products could be delivered to customers faster.
  • Lee, Mingyu (Mr.)

    We keep on moving towards the forefront of robotic automation.
  • Aydin, Yueksel (Mr.)

    Started at KUKA 32 years ago, traveled all over the world for KUKA. Looking forward to the next 125 years.
    (Germany, Augsburg)

These events will keep you going during the anniversary year

All 125 years in your social media feed


125 years KUKA

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