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Canoe and KUKA: Top performance is what counts

Strong support on the Eiskanal: KUKA is back as a sponsor at the Canoe Slalom World Championships. 50 years after the Olympics, the Canoe Slalom World Championships are back at the Augsburg Olympic Park. From July 26 to 31, 2022, the Eiskanal in Augsburg will once again be the venue for the top performance of the international athletes, who will battle their way through the white water for five days.

Coming home to Augsburg

The event kicks off on Tuesday, July 26 with the opening ceremony on Rathausplatz in Augsburg. This will be followed by five days of canoeing competitions. On Sunday, July 31, the new discipline "Canoe Slalom Extreme for Women & Men" will start. Here there is a KUKA branded start ramp, from which the four driver start simultaneously into the water. Beforehand, a time trial is held to determine which of the athletes may start in which position for this new discipline. In the so-called heats, four athletes race against each other. The two best advance to the next round. And the principle continues from the quarter finals to the final until a winner stands on the podium.
The international athletes are off to a strong start for the Canoe Slalom World Championships.
And of course our Gustl will be there again to watch our canoe competitors to make sure they complete all the obstacles correctly. For those who do not know our Gustl yet. He was chosen in an official competition as our beaver mascot. The nickname Gustl is derived from the founder of the city of Augsburg, Emperor Augustus, Bavarian short Gustl.
Our duo: Gustl and Robot at the Eiskanal.

Canoe premiere at the Eiskanal - these are the impressions

The impressions of the 2022 World Canoe Championships in Augsburg at the Eiskanal.

50 years after the Olympic Games, we are back at the Eiskanal in Augsburg. We expect first-class canoeing here. Hopefully we will also achieve good results, especially the German team. You definitely can't miss this!

Thomas Schmidt (Canoe Olympic Champion Sydney 2000 und KUKAner)
In 1972 Augsburg was the venue of the canoeing competitions of the Olympic Games in Munich. For 50 years, international competitions have been held regularly. In 2022 for the anniversary, the ICF Canoe World Championships, will come to Augsburg from July 26 to 31 at the Eiskanal.
Thomas Schmidt, 2000 Olympic canoeing champion in Sydney, Augsburg resident and KUKA'ner introduces us to the Eiskanal. This has been one of the best competition courses in the world for 50 years due to the natural water flow of the Lech. KUKA supports the ICF Canoe World Championships Augsburg 2022 at the Eiskanal, Olympiapark Augsburg.

The Racetrack - Kanu WM Augsburg 2022 Eiskanal-KUKA

Find out here in advance from Thomas Schmidt (technical director at the competition course and Olympic champion Sydney), what exactly awaits our international athletes at the first obstacle!
The first obstacle in the Eiskanal - the washing machine.

Obstacles - Kanu WM Augsburg 2022 Eiskanal-KUKA

Thomas Schmidt tells us what is special about the
the arch bridge and what athletes should watch out for here!
An obstacle with special features for the athletes.

How the Eiskanal and sustainability fit together

Of course, many events often involve ecological challenges and changes. That's precisely why we want to use an event like this to draw attention to certain topics, such as sustainability. So why is the Eiskanal an ideal venue for a Canoe Slalom World Championships? Here we have to look at the Eiskanal from two sides. On the one hand, the competition track has been in use for 50 years - for performance at the highest level. On the other hand, the Eiskanal is operated without energy and only through the diversion of the water course of the Lech. This is, of course, a clear winner in terms of sustainability.