KR C5 micro small robot controller

Compact controller with low energy consumption that plugs into standard mains power for small robots delivering maximum performance and availability in a small space.

Small robot control system KR C5 micro: small, flexible, smart

The compact, open and flexible platform of the robot controller for small robots is able to integrate seamlessly into existing automation environments. Various KUKA software products enable a wide range of applications to be implemented quickly. The KR C5 micro also supports current field bus standards for cell and line integration. 

Future-oriented for highest performance and availability   

The small robot control system KR C5 micro is equipped with the necessary hardware resources and flexible IO ports to enable it to quickly adapt to future tasks and standards. It is the first controller from KUKA able to run both KUKA.SystemSoftware (KSS) and iiQKA.OS, KUKA’s next generation operating system. 

  • Ready for Digital

    • Seamless integration into OT, IT and
      Cloud environments
    • Ethernet and digital IO interfaces, supports various cloud systems
  • Compatibility

    • Easy integration into existing infrastructures
    • Seamless integration into the KUKA robot portfolio
    • Simple and intuitive operation via the KUKA smartPAD (KSS) and smartPAD pro (iiQKA.OS)
  • Low TCO

    • Reduced energy consumption
    • Minimized complexity
    • Increased reliability
  • Designed for global use

    • Worldwide relevant ISO standards fulfilled
    • 25 languages available, including Asian
*Please note: not all features are available on iiQKA.OS during the launch phase. Please check our iiQKA Journey page for more information.
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