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KUKA robots in the film industry

KUKA Robotics offers the film industry complete solutions through KUKA integrators.

KUKA solutions for the film industry

KUKA lightweight robot in use for the film industry

Wunderwerk Film from Vienna, Austria, offers movie companies the CMOCOS system (based on the KUKA lightweight robot) as a complete solution using a programmable motion control system for digital and high-speed cameras. The low total weight of the CMOCOS system enables movie companies to take the robot with them to film sets – even on a plane. The CMOCOS system stands out for its intelligent user interface, simple operator control and ability to be quickly programmed. The CMOCOS system can be mounted on a stand or on a driven dolly and, as a result, can carry out repeatable, linear motions on a track system.

Flexible complete solutions with our linear units

The company Bot and Dolly in the USA offers a complete solution for KUKA robots with both a long reach and high-speed movements on a linear unit. The KUKA robot and linear unit transform into a quickly programmable motion platform for your camera. Rapid, precise path motions with high acceleration are made possible using this system. For the use of KUKA robots in the area of Special Effects, the UK company Robomoco offers a KUKA robot on a linear unit.