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Automation in the food industry

Delivering raw materials, processing food, packaging, palletizing and preparing for dispatch - KUKA robots can do it all. With our holistic automation portfolio, you can master applications in the food industry quickly and efficiently.

Intelligent and flexible automation along the entire production chain.

From delivery to distribution - worldwide.

The process chain in the food industry usually starts with the delivery of the raw materials. This is where KUKA comes in - and, together with Swisslog, a KUKA Group company, and other partners, implements automation solutions for logistics processes, warehouses and distribution centers. In addition, KUKA can intelligently automate every other step in food processing. The advantages: higher productivity, low costs and consistently high quality in your process.

KUKA makes the difference: Everything from a single source

Fast and hygienic robotics, in-depth know-how in the food industry and global customer service

KUKA's portfolio includes numerous machines for modern food operations: for the highest hygiene requirementscold-resistant variants and with food-grade lubricants in all payload classes. For more flexibility, we offer mobile platforms as well an ideal software for important process steps: such as handling, pick-and-place or palletizing tasks. 
  • Robots & warehouse solutions

    • Food-grade robotics
    • Robots in many payloads
    • Robots for deep freeze
    • Logistics solutions and AGVs
    • Warehouse solutions
    Robotic for the food industry
  • Smart software

    • Application specific software packages
    • For every process step
    • Virtual commissioning
    • Offline programming
    Discover KUKA software
  • Global customer service

    • High quality standards
    • Global customer support
    • System partner network
    • Remote service
    • Cloud solutions
    Overview of KUKA service
  • References

    • Handling for primary processing
    • Handling for secondary applications
    • Palletizing
    • Pick and place
    • Intralogistics solutions
    View references

Whitepaper whets appetite for automation in the food industry.

KUKA already offers solutions for over 1,000 customers in the food industry and knows their needs and challenges. With high-quality ingredients - robots, software, service - KUKA now provides recipes with a guarantee of success for the entire process chain in this white paper. From delivery to distribution, for a wide range of industries. Eight practical examples provide an impressive insight.

Discover automation solutions that please everyone's tastes

Download White Paper
Food Packaging robot
KUKA robots in the food industry stand for efficiency and speed

From secondary to primary applications - well equipped with KUKA.

Palletizing & handling at a high level

Flexible packaging robots: Whether floor, ceiling or wall

KUKA robots are convincing across all industries: Whether meat processing, baked goods or dairy products

  • Meat processing

    • Rough cutting in the slaughterhouse
    • Picking / packing meat cuts
    • Sorting of salami sticks
    • Palletizing of sausages in tins
  • Dairy products

    • Cheese rind removal and cutting
    • Handling mozarella blocks
    • Cleaning cheese moulds
    • Palletizing yoghurt pots
  • Baked goods & cereals

    • Cutting bread and cakes
    • Stacking baguettes in transport boxes
    • Handling loaded baking trays
    • Loading flour sacks in transport logistics
  • Fruit & Vegetables

    • Sorting peppers by color
    • Palletizing fruit and vegetables
    • Cutting damaged parts out of potatoes
    • Commissioning empty vegetable crates
  • Confectionery & Ice Cream

    • Filling praline moulds
    • Packing chocolate bars
    • Sorting biscuits
    • Palletizing ice cream in the cold store
  • Ready meals

    • Spreading tomato sauce on pizza
    • Packing sandwiches
    • Stacking ready-made lasagne before further packaging
    • Palletizing instant soups

Intelligent software for powerful performance

Simple operation and fast, intuitive programming

Need help automating your application? 

Contact us, we will be happy to advise you and find the right solution together.

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