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Top performance with a high power density: the specialized process robots of the KR CYBERTECH nano product family are perfectly tailored to handle small components. Benefit from maximum diversity for greater economical flexibility with minimum investment and energy costs.

Flexible, cost-effective robots for applications such as handling, welding, palletizing or adhesive bonding

The industrial robots of the KR CYBERTECH nano family are optimized for handling small components in virtually unlimited applications. The very fine payload intervals of 6, 8 and 10 kilograms and the perfectly coordinated robot types mean that you can select precisely the robot you actually need – for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • ESD protection

    The robot is protected against uncontrolled electrostatic charging or discharging (ESD) and is thus suitable for the handling of sensitive electronic components.
  • Software add-ons

    With digital Motion Modes, you can simply adapt the performance of the robot via the robot controller – e.g. for optimized precision or speed.
  • Suitable for use in humid or harsh environments

    The main axes are protected to IP 65 against dust and water, the wrist axes even to IP 67.
  • Suitable for compact cells

    With a streamlined design, the robots ensure ideal utilization of the space in compact robotic cells.

6 - 10 Load capacity [kg]

1420 - 1840 Reach [mm] (arm length)


Utmost precision

The industrial robots of the KR CYBERTECH nano family offer a repeatability of 0.04 millimeters. They therefore take full advantage of their strengths even at high speed.

Streamlined and compact

Maximum performance with minimal disruptive contours: the new robots are extremely compact, light and streamlined – for a wide range of applications in industrial manufacturing.

Maximum freedom

The robots open up previously inaccessible workspaces: they can cover long distances, with an extremely large workspace to the rear and a long downward reach.

Any installation position

Install the KR CYBERTECH nano industrial robots on the floor, wall or ceiling, or at any other angle – for a wide range of different requirement profiles in any desired installation position.

Most streamlined in-line wrist

With an interference radius of just 67 millimeters, the KR CYBERTECH nano handling robots have the smallest in-line wrist in their class – worldwide. It enables work to be carried out in positions that are inaccessible for other robots.

Maximum flexibility

Simply integrate external axes via the robot controller and benefit from the innovative K-PIPE-ES energy supply concept.

Overview of the KR CYBERTECH nano product family

The industrial robots of the KR CYBERTECH nano series are extremely compact and precise.

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KR CYBERTECH nano robot arm data overview

KR 6 R1840-2 KR 8 R1640-2 KR 10 R1440-2 KR 10 R1420 KR 10 R1440-2 HO
6 kg
8 kg
10 kg
10 kg
10 kg
Maximum reach
1840 mm
1640 mm
1440 mm
1420 mm
1440 mm
Construction type
Version environment
Mounting positions
Angle, Ceiling, Floor, Wall
Angle, Ceiling, Floor, Wall
Angle, Ceiling, Floor, Wall
Angle, Ceiling, Floor, Wall
Angle, Ceiling, Floor, Wall
Protection class
IP 65, IP 67
IP 65, IP 67
IP 65, IP 67
IP 54
IP 65, IP 67
Data sheet
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