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The effectiveness of a compliance programme is directly linked to the effectiveness of the whistleblowing system in place. KUKA offers employees and external parties different ways to report potential compliance concerns and complaints.

Depending on whether the desire for a personally known contact or anonymity is a priority, the person wishing to report an issue selects the appropriate contact option. Both internal and external employees can contact the ombudsperson for anonymous reporting, the compliance officers for non-anonymous reporting; employees of the company also have the option of contacting their manager or HR department directly.

A web-based platform is also available for internal and external employees to submit reports anonymously or non-anonymously, as desired.

The above-mentioned communication channels can be used to report all kinds of incidents where a compliance violation is suspected. This includes violations of the German Supply Chain Compliance Obligations Act (LkSG). Details can be found in the Rules of Procedure.

The whistleblower system is not intended for commercial enquiries, questions in connection with applications or other general questions. For this purpose, please contact the relevant contact persons.


The following applies to KUKA employees: Issues relating to employment conditions, such as conflicts in the direct work environment, disciplinary measures or remuneration, must be clarified primarily with the direct internal contact persons on site.

The whistleblowing system must not be used to make false accusations or knowingly report untrue information.
Reporting via web-based platform

External reporting points

Whistleblowers can choose whether to contact the internal reporting offices or an external federal reporting office. However, in cases where effective internal action can be taken against the violation, reporting to the internal reporting offices should be preferred. An overview of external reporting offices can be found at the Federal Office of Justice: BfJ - Zuständigkeit der Meldestellen (

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    Rules of Procedure

    on the Complaints Procedure in Case of Violations of the Supply Chain Act

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