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Internship for students (m/f/d)

Every year, KUKA offers internships for university applicants and students. This is your opportunity: you will gain insights into the current projects and learn about the practical aspects of the world of Industrie 4.0 – an optimum entry point for your career.

Internship options at KUKA

KUKA offers two kinds of internship for students – depending on whether you will shortly be starting your course or are already in the middle of it. Here you can find all the information about both variants:

Pre-internship for university applicants: “Basic skills in metal”

In many courses, you need to have practical training or provide evidence of participation in an activity of this kind before you are allowed to start your course. You can achieve this in the form of a technical pre-internship at KUKA. Then you can submit the certificate to your university or college.

In addition to the certificate for your higher education, the pre-internship also provides you with insights that you cannot acquire from a book: you get to know innovative technologies in the area of automation, and you can embark on your course already equipped with practical knowledge.

In your pre-internship at KUKA, you will experience hands-on work right from the start.

Contents of the pre-internship

  • You learn simple fundamentals of metalworking: marking-out, filing, sawing, drilling, reaming, countersinking, thread-cutting, working with various materials, machining sheet metal, shearing and bending.
  • You complete riveting training.
  • You practice mechanical metal cutting, for example using lathes and milling machines.
  • You learn about various welding processes such as oxyacetylene welding, metal and arc welding, gas metal arc welding, and you find out about brazing.
  • You learn how to read straightforward technical drawings.
  • You measure and inspect finished workpieces.
  • You learn the basics of pneumatics with simple circuits.

Duration of the pre-internship

The pre-internship is offered in Augsburg and in Bremen and lasts for about six to eight weeks. It starts in Augsburg at the end of June, while the starting time at KUKA Bremen is flexible. You will complete your pre-internship at our new education center (Augsburg) or in the modern training workshop in Bremen.

Internship for students (m/f/d): practical work supplements theory

If you are already studying, your internship at KUKA will give you insights into company structures, processes and projects. Here, you create an optimum basis for successful work.

KUKA offers about 160 internships each year in different departments and at different sites.

From Research & Development, Production, Electrical Design, IT, and Technical Sales to Human Resources or Marketing – all these departments and many more are constantly on the lookout for motivated students who want to get stuck in and help us to shape the automation of the future.

In your internship at KUKA, you form part of the team and work on ongoing projects.

Contents of the internship

  • You will be involved in ongoing projects of the department in which the internship is held.
  • You will gain direct insights into the world of automation.
  • You will learn about interdisciplinary structures in an international organization.
  • You will have the opportunity to develop your skills further in working with project colleagues and managers, as well as customers and suppliers.
  • You will promote your communication skills and ability to work in a team.

You should offer the following

  • Enthusiasm and passion for topics linked to the desired internship

  • Enjoyment of working with other people in a multicultural/international setting

  • Desire to work both independently and as part of a team

  • Customer focus and strong communication skills

  • Interest in exchanging knowledge and ideas as well as learning new things

  • Flexibility and creativity

Framework conditions

  • Ideally, your internship will start when the semester starts, and will last for five to six months

  • In the case of a mandatory internship, the duration is determined by your study regulations

  • You can also combine the mandatory internship with a voluntary internship or with your thesis.

  • The internships are on a full-time basis

  • You receive attractive remuneration as an intern

  • The precondition for an internship with us is that you are registered as a student at a university or university of applied sciences

Application for an internship for students

All available internship places are listed in the KUKA online job exchange
To apply, please submit the complete application documents (covering letter, curriculum vitae, high school diploma, university and employer references if available), ideally about a semester before the desired practical semester, using exclusively the online application form for this purpose. Please specify the desired timeframe for your internship in your application – and whether it is a mandatory or voluntary internship. 

Also read our application tips.


Lay the foundation stone for your career now and apply for an internship for students at KUKA!

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