Technologische innovatie

Technology development: Promoting innovation

Technology development at KUKA stands for many years of experience, competence and customer orientation. We are constantly developing new technologies and optimizing existing ones – for our own systems and in consultation with our customers.

Expertise meets creativity

As a KUKA customer you can benefit from our experience in a wide range of process technologies that we have developed and are constantly refining.

For example, this is how KUKA invented Magnetarc welding – an innovative pressure welding process with an arc that is impelled magnetically under shielding gas. This technology can be used to join hollow sections with wall thicknesses of up to ten millimeters. A decisive advantage: Due to the short welding times, it is possible to reduce costs as filler materials are not required.

At KUKA, innovation is a tradition

As far back as 1906, KUKA, known at that time as Keller & Knappich GmbH, received a gold medal for producing the first oxyacetylene-welded acetylene device. This was the first of many developments in oxyacetylene welding technology. With accessories such as welding torches and flame cutters, the founders of KUKA, Johann Joseph Keller and Jakob Knappich, soon developed a comprehensive range of oxyacetylene welding products.

KUKA technologies: customized on demand

Nowadays, numerous other welding processes are regarded as KUKA technologies. The spectrum ranges from special welding technology and soldering to other joining processes. If you are interested in these or other processes, give us a call: We would be happy to discuss your specific requirements – for new developments or existing technologies, customized to your components.

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