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KS Drawer: flexible component feed with KUKA 

The KS drawer is an inexpensive and reliable solution for stationary onloading and offloading as well as for feeding components into the line. Its length and height can be individually adjusted to the requirements of your production systems.

The KS Drawer is a valuable assistant in modern body production. It can carry up to 100 kg per meter, and is used wherever components have to be onloaded or offloaded manually in the process sequence.

Typical applications include quality inspections such as visual examinations and chisel tests. In addition, it is also used for feeding and buffering components.

Particularly practical on the KS Drawer: It is designed in such a way that several drawers can also be fitted next to one another. We offer it for different working processes in two spacing variants. In addition, you can choose between various heights up to 1,000 mm in each case.

The optimal KS Drawer for your requirements

Wide version

The distance between the drawers can be at least 600 mm in the wide variant of the KS Drawer. 

Narrow version

The second variant of the KS Drawer is compact with a minimum distance of 300 mm, so it is optimally suited to smaller components.

Optional expansions

You can supplement both variants of the KS Drawer with the following components:

  • Supporting rollers
  • Valve terminal
  • Energy supply chain
  • Retraction dampers

Advantages of the KS Drawer

  • Low operating costs: The KS Drawer is particularly low-maintenance thanks to its modular structure involving only a few add-on parts.
  • Hardly any energy is required: The drawer is operated manually.
  • Streamlined design