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Contract manufacturing with KUKA

We have been carrying out subcontract welding work for renowned companies since 1970. This includes process validation and prototype construction. Your contract manufacturing can also benefit from our many years of acquired expertise and top quality KUKA equipment.

Advantages of contract manufacturing with KUKA 

We will support you from the very start in choosing the right welding process for you. In addition to our expertise in component and product development, we also provide you with our optimally equipped machine pool for contract manufacturing:

  • More than 2,000 square meters of production space
  • Ten machines of various performance classes for rotational friction welding with cross-sections up to 31,400 square millimeters and a forge force from one to 300 tonnes
  • Two machines for Magnetarc welding with cross-sections from 60 to 4,000 square millimeters and a forge force from three to 35 tonnes
  • Four flexible robot cells for laser processing with up to eight kilowatts of laser power and various processing optics for thin sheet and thick plate welding

The three areas of contract manufacturing 

1. In the process validation stage we ensure optimum process- and production-compatible component design and advise you on the welding process best suited to your needs. Furthermore, test runs enable us to determine the ideal process parameters and try out a number of variants.

2. We manufacture prototypes, which allow the design to be checked and revised, and also offer pilot runs and sampling. Our goal is to support you with our expertise throughout the process culminating in the production-ready component.

3. As a certified welding contractor, we offer contract manufacturing for components in all batch sizes. Our extensive range of production machinery provides for a wide range of cross-sections and welding processes, from rotational friction welding to Magnetarc welding through to laser welding.

Certified contract welding

• KUKA is not only an ISO 9001-certified company, but also fulfills the ISO 14001 environmental management and VDA 6.4 guidelines.
• Furthermore, for the manufacture and sale of welded products and the development of systems with arc welding technology, KUKA complies with the standards specified in DIN EN ISO 3834-2.
• In connection with friction welding we are certified in accordance with DIN EN 15085 CL1 for railway applications and the welding of rail vehicles and their components.
You can address your questions directly to our specialist department, which will provide you with professional advice.
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