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De KR CYBERTECH nano ARC versnelt het tempo van de geautomatiseerde productie

The KR CYBERTECH nano ARC sets the pace in automated production

Within the new generation of the KR CYBERTECH nano series, KUKA is now also presenting the specialists for continuous-path applications such as arc welding, adhesive bonding or sealant application: the KR CYBERTECH nano ARC family. In the low payload category, the robots deliver maximum performance at minimal costs.

23 April 2021

The KR CYBERTECH nano ARC product family is setting new standards: the new generation of robots from KUKA is outstandingly agile, extremely fast and even more precise than its predecessors in continuous-path applications. The upgraded 50-millimeter KUKA hollow-wrist reduces main axis motion, allowing short cycle times combined with utmost precision in motion. The new hollow-wrist robots from KUKA also feature repeatability of 0.04 millimeters, even at high speeds. This makes the KR CYBERTECH nano ARC hollow-wrist robots predestined experts for applications requiring maximum precision and path accuracy – such as arc welding and applying adhesives or sealants.
De nieuwe KR CYBERTECH nano ARC


Find out more about the technical details and the areas of application

Lowest maintenance requirements in the low payload category

The series is characterized by its long service life and the lowest maintenance requirements in the low payload category. For users, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced to a minimum. This includes low operating costs due to maximum availability and reduced energy consumption compared with the predecessor. In addition to the drive and control technology, the service and maintenance requirements have been optimized. Individual axes, for example, are completely maintenance-free and spare parts are available for up to 25 years.
De hollow wrist robot vereist weinig onderhoud. De totale onderhoudskosten worden gereduceerd tot een minimum.
The hollow-wrist robot requires minimal maintenance. The total cost of ownership is reduced to a minimum.

Small footprint, wide range of possibilities

Thanks to the small footprint and diverse installation options, the hollow-wrist robots are also suitable for compact cells, complex tasks and challenging process chains. Additional flexibility is provided by the innovative “K-PIPE-ES” energy supply concept with which KUKA customers are already familiar from higher payload categories. Separation of the system and application cabling makes integration into the production environment even easier and the equipment of the energy supply system more flexible. Additional axes and the new generation of positioners can be added to the configuration more easily.
Van compacte cellen tot veeleisende procesketens: de hollow-wrist-robot kan flexibel worden ingezet.
From compact cells to challenging process chains: the hollow-wrist robot can be deployed flexibly.

Welcome to the family

The KR CYBERTECH nano series of the latest generation includes not only the hollow-wrist robots of the KR CYBERTECH nano ARC family (ARC focus), but also in-line wrist variants (handling focus, also suitable for CP applications). The digital KUKA.Motion Modes allow the performance of the robots to be adapted to different tasks via the controller, e.g. with the “Dynamic Mode” for greater dynamic performance with reduced cycle times. “Path Mode” even comes as standard in the hollow-wrist robots together with so-called absolutely accurate calibration for application-optimized continuous-path motion. Both options are also available for in-line wrist robots.
Hoge baannauwkeurigheid van industriële robots: de KR CYBERTECH nano-serie omvat ook in-line wrist varianten.
High path accuracy of industrial robots: the KR CYBERTECH nano series also features in-line wrist variants. 

High path accuracy: best results right from the outset

“We have developed the series specifically for the latest KR C5 controller generation from KUKA, which taps the full potential of our new overall system,” says Markus Hollfelder-Asam, Portfolio Manager at KUKA. “Integration of the KR CYBERTECH nano is really easy for companies thanks to the standardized mounting surfaces for accessories and identical footprint to that of its predecessor.”

The product series also features – as standard – protection against dust and water in accordance with IP 54 for the hollow-wrist robots and even IP 65/67 (main axes/wrist axes) for the in-line wrist robots.

No matter what tasks you use the latest-generation KR CYBERTECH nano ARC for, it offers outstanding results right from the outset and can be optimally adapted using the flexible KUKA.Motion Modes.

Markus Hollfelder-Asam, Portfolio Manager at KUKA