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Automation in the consumer goods industry

KUKA can provide tailor-made, sustainable solutions for the manufacturing industry and, in collaboration with Swisslog, for logistical processes in the consumer goods industry as well. Whether it's for the drinks, food, clothing or pharmaceutical industry or for manufacturing and distributing drugstore products, our automation solutions enable you to respond flexibly to specific customer requirements at any time.

Flexible solutions for greater efficiency and productivity

KUKA is one of the most committed pioneers in the development of Industrie 4.0. We have significant experience and ability in the fields of robotics, automation cells and intelligent intralogistics solutions. You can rely on KUKA to unite the entire value chain, from the manufacturing process right through to the distribution process. On request, we can draw up customized plans for your system.

Our mobility solutions are equally equipped for the future: Our mobile robots and AGVs are ideally suited to the requirements of the consumer goods industry. They receive optimum support from software packages such as KUKA.NavigationSolution. These solutions pave the way for safe human-robot collaboration, which will significantly increase the efficiency of both your production and distribution processes.

Shaping the factory of the future using smart warehouse management

By guaranteeing an intelligent and transparent flow of goods, Swisslog's tried and tested automation solutions can also simplify your warehouse management system. The warehouse management software can be synchronized with the respective company's requirements and hardware, thus ensuring just-in-time deliveries to the required points of sale.

Mobile industrial robots and digitally networked production and logistics systems are paving the way for the Smart Factory of tomorrow 

Versatility as a success factor: Robots that serve the entire production chain

Benefit from KUKA's product range: We have the largest selection of robots for packaging and cargo handling tasks and can therefore provide you with holistic, robot-based automation solutions for every application.

Pick and place robots: quick and easy to clean

Our extremely fast small robots, such as the KR AGILUS or KR SCARA, are ideal for sorting and placing products. The Hygienic Machine variant complies with protection classes IP 67 and IP 69. Thanks to its special surface, the robot is very easy to clean. As a result, it is possible to deploy the robot in applications involving direct contact with food, pharmaceuticals and other products from the consumer goods industry. Food-compatible lubricants and the use of stainless steel components ensure the highest level of hygiene during processing. We also provide corresponding sensor systems and software solutions as standard.

Learn more about KUKA pick and place robots.

Packing and cartoning robots

To wrap, pack and unpack your goods, we offer handling robots that can lift a wide range of payloads with ease at a consistently high speed. Featuring a payload capacity of up to 1.3 tonnes, our handling robots find applications that reduce manual labor and enhance overall profitability in your company.

Discover our extensive range of handling robots.

Palletizing/depalletizing robots: small or large, individual products or complete layers

KUKA palletizing robots relieve their human co-workers of strenuous work tasks. The robots load and unload the pallets in extremely quick cycle times, thus creating quicker and more efficient production processes. From our experience of customer projects, this can increase productivity by up to 20%.

Learn more about KUKA palletizing and depalletizing robots.

Distribution and production logistics: intelligent allocation and storage

When it comes to logistics, we are striking out in entirely new directions in collaboration with Swisslog. The aim is to establish a seamless transition from production to distribution. Our smart intralogistics system will develop your production site into a warehousing and distribution center – thanks to our automation solutions such as mobile robots, warehousing and conveyor systems.

Explore advanced AMR solutions for intralogistics

Sorting, packaging, palletizing and distributing: KUKA can provide solutions for the consumer goods industry from a single source.