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Automated arc welding

Arc welding is the most widely used joining process. KUKA offers a wide range of automation components, function packages, robots and cells as standard products that are easy-to-use and quickly available. From MIG welding to MAG welding and on to TIG welding.

Robotic arc welding with KUKA robots: always one step ahead

Robotic arc welding is one of the most popular welding processes in industrial settings because of its speed and ability to process many metallic materials. In addition to conventional weld functions, we at KUKA – as a thought leader and trailblazer in the field of automation – also offer long-term security of investment through the smart capability of integration into the digital and networked world of production. The result is greater effectiveness and flexibility with a KUKA machines and throughout the entire value chain in robotic welding.

All-round package for a perfect weld seam

From engineering to service as well as customized turnkey solutions for automated arc welding

All around the world, our customers enjoy expert advice and comprehensive support for the implementation of KUKA robots and robotic welding system – from consulting to customer service. We can take care of the entire robotic welding process for you, from process validation to prototype construction and small-batch production.
  • Engineering

    We provide you with comprehensive support in the planning and implementation of your application, such as helping to select the appropriate robot welding technology or welding process.
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  • Technology packages

    As a leading robot manufacturer, KUKA offers preconfigured and intuitive complete packages, consisting of robot, controller and software, that can be put into operation quickly.

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  • TechCenters around the world with global standards

    KUKA TechCenters are available to customers as test laboratories at various locations in Europe, the Americas and Asia.
  • Global service

    KUKA service ranges from machine maintenance and servicing to spare parts supply as well as process and system training for welders. 

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Learn about the different arc welding processes 

Gas metal-arc welding is an arc welding process in which an electric arc is ignited between an electrode and the component, fusing the components and, if applicable, a filler metal. Here, a distinction is made between several methods. Among these, MIG/MAG welding and TIG welding are the most used methods for the process. These differ in the type of gas that is used and the choice of materials. They impress with maximum weld quality and a high weld speed.

Webinar Special: Explore Advanced Arc Welding Solutions

Get in-depth insights into the acceleration of Arc Welding with KUKA.ArcTech and the welding capabilities in specific webinars.

Technical expertise, years of experience and a broad product portfolio for Robotic Welding – with KUKA it is all from a single source

High-quality automation: KUKA enables the customer to get involved in the trial arc welds in order to develop the best possible application for their manufacturing.

Welding robots, positioners and welding cells:
Standardized modular components that can be ideally combined

KUKA offers ideal solutions for all robotic welding requirements – from the use of robotic welders with high path accuracy to preconfigured arc welding robot cells and fully-automated welding systems. A wide range of workpiece positioners, special software and linear units round out the six-axis robotic portfolio for perfectly coordinated overall packages and optimized production at your company.

Strong KUKA partners for arc welding

Our robots achieve the best possible welding quality with the appropriate welding equipment from our strong partners such as Fronius, Kemppi, Miller, Lorch, Lincoln, EWM, SKS, ESAB and Migatronic.

The welding equipment is connected to the robot controller quickly and easily via a field bus interface, such as EtherCAT (present in every KR C4 controller). In this way, the full range of functions is available to the operator at all times.

KUKA robots weld bicycle frames in a Russian factory.

Want customized solutions?

With our expertise and experience in robotic welding, we would be happy to advise you and work with you to find the perfect solution for your specific weld requirements.

E-book: Welding aluminium? No problem!

Aluminium and aluminium alloys play an important role in e-mobility because of the ideal combination of lightness and strength. In welding and joining processes, aluminium has high demands on the processes used. With comprehensive process know-how and the right products, we make you fit for the technological transformation towards e-mobility. The example of the battery box shows how robots enable the production of aluminium components at the highest quality level;

Read what is important for aluminium welding in electromobility.

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