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Subcontract friction welding

Integrated rotary friction welding solutions from process consultancy and process validation through to prototyping and the complete production of various components and batch sizes in consistently high quality.

Contract welding to high industrial standard

With more than 50 years of experience in rotary friction welding and two certified friction welding centers in Augsburg (Germany and Halesowen (UK), KUKA has a large and diverse machine pool with a working range of 2-300 t (forge force 20-3000 kN) for the welding of cross-sections from 10 to 30,000 square millimeters (steel).
Our company is supported by an in-house metallurgical laboratory, heat treatment capabilities before and after welding as well as solutions for preparing parts for the welding process. We carry out the friction welding of metallic materials in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15620:2019.

Contract manufacturing of individualized components in any size, including bimetallic material combinations

The possibilities of friction welding cover many steel materials and a wide range of material combinations, including the joining of parts of the same or different materials. Possible combinations include copper and aluminum, copper and stainless steel, aluminum and stainless steel, structural steel and stainless steel, titanium and aluminum, nickel alloys and titanium, and many more. Besides this, there is a selection of geometries such as rod to rod, tube to rod, rod to plate, tube to plate and tube to tube. The KUKA and Thompson rotary friction welding machines make this diverse range of material combinations possible, ensuring successful metalworking for a wide variety of applications and industries.

Friction welding with KUKA: everything from a single source

Our wide range of metalworking services is supported by consultancy on materials, geometry, metallurgy, and preparation and finishing of the welds. At the same time, the complete manufacturing operation is complemented by on-site metallurgical expertise.

  • Process consultancy 

    • Application-specific feasibility analysis
    • Consultancy on weld geometry and material selection
  • Product development

    • Partner for customer product developments
    • Application-specific welding process qualifications
  • Prototyping

    • Prototyping as the basis for checking and revising a design
    • Support throughout the entire process to the finished product
    • Pilot series and sampling
  • Welding of production batches

    • From a limited batch size to ongoing series production

Additional services in the area of rotational welding

  • Machining – Machining processes required before or after friction welding
  • Removal of welding flash – With certain machines and applications, the resulting welding flash can be removed automatically.
  • Heat treatment – Before and after welding
  • Pre-washing – Pre-washing of certain components in our industrial cleaning machine in order to remove grease/oils and other possible impurities (Halesowen site).

Further metalworking processes 

Contract manufacturing in the area of Magnetarc welding and thin sheet or thick plate welding. 

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