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iiQKA.OS – The powerful and intuitive new operating system from KUKA 

iiQKA.OS is KUKA’s future-proof robot operating system, making the implementation of robot-based automation faster, more efficient and more accessible than ever before. 

A prime example of high usability – provided by a flexible and potent software architecture 

With the new KUKA operating system, iiQKA.OS, KUKA ensures that both experts and non-experts will boost their automation goals. iiQKA.OS is reliable and easy to work with - delivering a fast start into robotics for beginners and a distinct improvement of the automation process for the experienced. To achieve this kind of power, flexibility and usability, the new OS is built on a modern and modular software architecture that increases the overall efficiency and speed of development, so that new functionalities or components can be installed as fast as possible and customers can respond to market demands quickly. This new architecture also enables the rapid delivery of updates and upgrades, so that more and more functionality will be added to our new robot OS over time – regularly scaling customer possibilities by offering a variety of smart solutions to its users.

  • smart_3D visualization

    The 3D scene in the UI is a critical part of providing an intuitive user interface.*
    • 3D view of the robot, programmed parameters and the environment for an easy overview
    • 3D animation of robot mirrors movements in the real world
    • robot, positions and programmed coordinates visible
    • GoTo function allows fast interaction with selected positions
    • touch gestures usable (e.g. pinch and zoom, slide, rotate)
    • safety monitoring spaces per touch-up and visualization
    • selected program can be started and monitored from the visualization screen
  • smart_extension

    • easy installation of toolboxes for specific applications
    • toolboxes bring with them all the elements an extension or component needs to work
    • open interfaces inside the platform ensure stable, consistent and easy system extension
    • the iiQKA Ecosystem provides an automation community for delivering solutions quickly, speeding customer success and maximizing scalability
  • smart_help

    Integrated and intuitive help is a key part of quickly overcoming roadbumps.
    • self-help and support are integrated across the customer journey
    • informational tooltips embedded in the smartPAD pro user interface
    • pre-configuration of many components and extensions for quick start
    • connected to KUKA Xpert
    • step-by-step support media available on my.kuka and smartPAD pro user interface
    • community forum for fast access to crowd-sourced knowledge from KUKA and other users
  • smart_programming

    Thanks to KUKA’s intuitive robot operating system and the new iiQKA smart_programming method, even inexperienced users can create simple to moderately complex applications in a short time without specialized programming skills.*
    • creation of robot programs possible without experience
    • simple applications ready within minutes
    • works with a program tree and commands, which also allows advanced programming
    • hand guiding, GoTo function and teaching of points for fast programming of robot motions
    • possibility to change parameters and modify the program during execution
    • multiple languages are possible to program the robot

  • smart_safety

    • safety configuration easy for beginners
    • config and diagnosis directly on smartPAD pro
    • printable safety config for customer documentation
    • easy modelling of robot with spheres
    • cubic & prism safe workspaces
    • extendable with SICK laser scanner “microScan3 Pro” over FSoE
    • human robot collaboration (HRC) validation wizard
  • smart_start up

    The well-thought out user experience and intuitive user interface of the new iiQKA Operating System and iiQKA Ecosystem speeds setup and enables user-friendly installation and configuration.*
    • unboxed, set up and booted within minutes
    • quick guides and wizards for first-time users
    • many components pre-configured
    • robot software pre-configured for safety
    • time-saving interface for modifications
    • no engineering tool necessary
    • easy safety verification measures

Designed for users by users

The core value of iiQKA.OS is its user-friendliness built on a powerful architecture – manifesting in easy comprehensibility, reliable performance and intuitive operation across the complete customer journey. For this very reason, KUKA reviews the total system in every state of development in close cooperation with users. To constantly learn from their experiences, KUKA has implemented a refined and well-structured feedback system. With this valuable know-how, KUKA is able to adapt its robot software, hardware and services even better to the needs of its users, ensuring that iiQKA.OS together with the iiQKA Robotic Republic provide the best possible robotics user experience. When combined with fast and regular updates to functionality, customers can always be assured of having access to the latest features and improvements.

Customer experience: Software, services and a KUKA robot that is easy to operate and to program – all in one powerful package

Zollner Elektronik AG, the mechatronics service provider specialized electronics manufacturing, shares their first experiences during an extended iiQKA prototype testing phase.

A modern, modular and open software architecture with major advantages

Having a solid foundation of software architecture design is the key to the future-proof advantages of KUKA's new operating system, iiQKA.OS. Built on top of a Linux kernel, the entire architecture is created to deliver fast development and ensure utmost ease of use: from modular and containerized elements that can be developed and improved individually, to stable and consistent application programming interfaces (APIs), to responsivity, up to decentralized data-mirroring that ensures data consistency on whatever device the user is working.

  • Linux at its core

    • open-source and well-supported
    • large range of hardware compatibility
    • IT and industry standard
    • flexible and robust
    • security as a design principle
  • Modular and containerized

    • architectural elements separated with clear communications interfaces
    • easy and fast development of new functionality
    • allows for major changes while performance of the entire system remains stable
    • a key foundation for the future-proof platform
  • Open interfaces

    • application programming interfaces (APIs) allow standardized system interaction
    • foundation for offering extended value in an ecosystem
    • stable and consistent access to subsystem
  • Web-based user interface

    • responsive design that works in many formats
    • easy and fast development of custom user interfaces and elements
    • accelerates scaling and addition of new features and components

Easy access to the world of automation for experts and non-experts alike

Drawing on its almost 50 years of deep robotics and automation know-how, KUKA once more proves its mastery in the design of flexible and future-oriented automation solutions with the iiQKA Robotic Republic automation community. Based on the open interfaces in iiQKA.OS, it will give everyone, experts and non-experts alike, access to the world of automation. To provide the most comprehensive experience possible at all times, KUKA will continuously update its robot operating system in short release cycles, especially in during the scaling phase at the beginning. Users will benefit in stages from increasing functionality and services that allow simple operation, intuitive handling and safe operation of automated hardware, such as KUKA robots.