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Megatrend: Shift in Economic Power

The global economic system has changed over the past few decades: emerging and developing countries have established themselves as important sales markets and make a significant contribution to global economic growth. This is both an opportunity and a challenge in terms of the production systems of the future.

Growing complexity of global production

Many countries that used to manufacture products primarily for export to industrialized countries have now developed into attractive sales markets. In emerging countries in particular, the level of purchasing power is approaching the level experienced in industrial countries and, consequently, the demand for consumer goods is growing. 

Global production sites and networks have become indispensable in the race to satisfy global demand and the specific local requirements of customers. They pave the way for a diversified product and pricing policy not to mention gains in efficiency from localized supply and distribution chains.

At the same time, there is an increasing level of complexity involved in the control and monitoring of production processes. Standards and processes must be introduced and monitored on a global scale and they must be flexible enough to allow for adaptation and refinement.

Managing global production sites successfully

How can manufacturing companies optimize their processes on a global scale while giving due consideration to the requirements and circumstances of local production sites?

The key to this lies in the deployment of flexible automation and IIoT solutions that are appropriate for the respective locations.

To a certain extent, standardization is required in order to ensure cross-locational control of production processes. These production solutions must allow for seamless integration into local infrastructure yet be comprehensible and user-friendly beyond national borders at the same time.

For global manufacturing to be successful, the right balance between standardization and localization must be struck.

Are your systems and processes ready for the global production of tomorrow?

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