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Dürr and KUKA introduce jointly developed robot system

Dürr and KUKA have joined forces: together they have developed an integrated solution “ready2_spray” for automated paint application. While the small robot from the KR AGILUS series comes from KUKA, Dürr provides the paint application technology. The cooperation agreement was signed on May 8th.

9 mai 2017

Small robot with components: a unique combination

Pre-installed and ready-to-spray, the robot from the KR AGILUS serie contains fully compatible, tried-and-tested components and offers a unique combination in the market. It is perfectly suited to the requirements of general industry. Areas of application include the painting of wood, plastics, glass and metal. "It‘s perfectly matched and tried-and-tested components are a unique selling point. They have been merged and integrated into an automated painting solution, which is currently a first in the market“, says Stefan Lampa, Chairman of the Board of Management at KUKA Robotics. 
Dürr and KUKA signed a cooperation agreement and presented the jointly developed robot system „ready2_spray“.

ready2_spray: prepared for the tasks of Industry 4.0

This technology is available in different configurations. The system, with all its different components, is completed and pre-commissioned at Dürr. It is thus ready for use ("ready2_spray"), can be quickly installed at the customer's site. Furthermore, the new painting system is fully Industry 4.0-ready.

The cooperation agreement covers aspects such as development, mass production, marketing strategy as well as delivery and after-sales processes. The sales concept allows both KUKA and Dürr to offer the robot on the market.

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