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KUKA Challenge at the SIAM Hackathon 2023

The SIAM Hackathon took place in Amsterdam at the end of February. It focuses on developing mathematical solutions to real-world problems in industry. The tasks are set by participating industry partners. One of them: KUKA.

Carolin Hort
8 de março de 2023
Tempo de leitura: 1 minutos
The SIAM Hackathon 2023 took place as part of the Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE23) in Amsterdam. 

More than one hundred talents from the field of computational science and engineering met for two days to use mathematics to develop solutions to problems in industry
Included: A KUKA Challenge. Participants were asked to develop approaches for calculating collision-free paths for cross-vehicle route planning.
For the KUKA Challenge Multivehicle Routing, various tasks had to be mastered that are also common in the real world. The participants had to develop algorithms to solve these challenges.
Most of the participants worked day and night on their challenges. The desire to make a difference together was motivating.
Events like the SIAM Hackathon bring together experts from a wide range of fields. This gives you the opportunity to benefit from each other's knowledge and experience.
Challenge accepted and mastered: The team that participated in the KUKA Challenge won the entire hackathon.
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