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KUKA at IROS 2022

KUKA showcased a gamified application using the LBR iiwa at the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) from October 23-27, 2022.

Embodied AI for a Symbiotic Society

IROS is one of the largest and most influential robotics research conferences in the world and in 2022 was held in Kyoto, Japan, under the theme "Embodied AI for a Symbiotic Society". The conference provides a forum for the international robotics research community to explore the frontiers of science and technology in intelligent robots and intelligent machines.

In addition to technical sessions and multimedia presentations, IROS also feature panel discussions, forums, workshops, tutorials and technical tours. The accompanying exhibition provides an ideal platform for research and industry to come into contact about the latest innovations and technologies.

Buzz Wire

KUKA was presenting a robotics application with a haptic robot controller together with the Stanford Robotics Lab. In the application, humans and robots work together to play the game "Buzz Wire." In the game, a sensitive KUKA lightweight robot LBR iiwa guides a metal loop along a bent wire without touching the wire with the loop. The user controls the robot with a haptic device that provides force feedback to help the user play. This allows the user to feel the physical interaction of the robot with the environment through the device. The application demon-strates how humans and robots can interact and how algorithms can be used for safe and robust haptic robot control.

Here you can find further information about IROS 2022.

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