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KUKA Roboter has a world champion

The company launches a world first with its new robot, KR 1000 titan

09 Tháng Năm 2007

Augsburg / Rottweil 2007 – KUKA Roboter GmbH celebrated the unveiling of its latest product with an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. The KR 1000 titan is the world’s first industrial robot that can lift a payload of 1000 kilograms with a reach of 3200 mm. In the impressive setting of the historic power plant in Rottweil, Germany, the KUKA titan was able to give the first public demonstration of its prodigious strength. The guests at the event lent a helping hand, heaving dumbbell plates onto the robot’s mighty arm. Furthermore, KUKA Roboter had prepared an evening in a unique atmosphere with interesting conversations and prominent guests – such as Heiner Brand, trainer of the German national handball team that won the world championships with Germany’s “winter fairytale” victory.

KUKA Roboter knows the challenges facing both people and machines and understands its customers’ requirements. Only by knowing today what the market will need tomorrow can the company develop ideas to meet these needs: working ideas that break all the records. With the KR 1000 titan, the company has succeeded in producing not only a heavyweight champion, but also a real technological all-rounder combining payload, reach and precision thanks to an innovative drive concept. 

There are many great locations for a company to present its latest development. But for the “titan”, the world’s strongest robot, there was only one place that could do justice to its unique qualities: a power plant! And so KUKA Roboter celebrated the world premiere of its latest product in the historic power plant in Rottweil, in the presence of customers, journalists and prominent guests.  

The guests were not only able to admire the new heavyweight champion, but also worked as a team to help the robot set a world record. And who better to coordinate such a team than handball world championship trainer Heiner Brand?

Weight for weight was loaded by the team members onto the KUKA titan’s dumbbell bar, which it had to lift until the thousand-kilo mark was reached and its world-beating achievement was honored with a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Exclusive information

In addition to the record-breaking performance and an impressive stage show with dancers and acrobats, there was also plenty of information about the heavy-duty champion – given by the very people who have accompanied the robot from the outset through its development phase of over a year. The KUKA titan brought along not only its development team but also a large contingent of KUKA representatives, who talked with interested guests about the motivation for the new development, its technical data and practical advantages.

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