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Ngay sau khi đăng ký thành công, bạn có quyền truy cập vào nhiều chức năng. Bằng cách xác minh tài khoản của mình, bạn cũng sẽ nhận được thông tin và lợi ích cụ thể theo công ty. Quá trình này dùng để bảo mật đăng nhập cá nhân của bạn và có thể mất một vài ngày.
Features KUKA.Sim Pro 3.x KUKA.Sim 4.x
New 64-Bit platform (high CAD performance)
Integrated CAD reader (no additional costs)
CAD reader with mathematical surface support
NVIDIA PhysX Support (e.g. dress packages, conveyor)     ✔ **
2D-Drawing Feature with RealDWG
3D-PDF Export for Acrobat Reader
AVI Export high quality HD Videos
Animation File Export for Mobile Viewer App or VR glasses 
Improved graphical representation (rendering)
Python 2.7 Support
eCatalog synchronization via internet (Library update)
3D Connexion Space mouse support
Simple & Advanced collision detection
Trajectory generation on CAD parts         ✔ *** 
Swept Volume function (Robot + End-effector)
KUKA.RCS module support for KSS 8.5, KSS 8.6, KSS 8.7 KSS 8.5 & 8.6
KRL (*.src |*.dat) Import & Export without KUKA.OfficeLite
$Config.dat Import & Export (TOOL, BASE)
OPC-UA Interface for Soft PLC          ✔ ****
KUKA.OfficeLite KSS 8.6 for advanced KRL programming (inclusive) ⃘  *
KUKA SCARA & DELTA robots supported
KUKA.SafeOperation configuration
Stopping distance simulation (e.g., STOP 0 behavior)
Advanced IO Signal Editor
Import of fieldbus configurations ✔ 
Variable view ( Watchdog ) ✔ 
WorkVisual Project Export (incl KRL programs, IO Signals, SafetyConfig, etc)
Advanced KRL Editor with KRL Interpreter
KUKA.RoboTeam configuration
  • Statement view
  • In Line Forms
  • KRL Commands
  • Definition in 3D Layout
  • RoboTeam configuration
  • Program Code Generation
KP3-KP5 support
  • Supported for 3- and 5-axis positioners
  • MADA creation
  • Base handling and programming
KUKA.Sim Modeling AddOn for advance component modeling ✔ *
KUKA.Sim Connectivity AddOn for advanced virtual commissioning
  • OPC-UA Interface
  • WINMOD Interface
  • Siemens SIMIT Interface
✔ *
KUKA.Sim ArcWelding AddOn for Offline Programming with ArcTech Basic
  • Single-Robot with Positioner /Linearunits
  • Path generation on CAD parts
  • Approach & depart pattern
  • Start position definition for close loops
  • Path position regression & smoothing
  • Torch preview on path
  • ArcSpline Single Set (no spline block)
  • Standard Weaving Pattern (no RSI)
  • ArcTech Bacis ILF support via KOP
✔ *
Floating licenses 1 year license without automatically renewal
* must be ordered separately
** must be ordered separately (is included in KUKA.Sim Modeling AddOn)
*** must be ordered separately (is included in KUKA.Sim ArcWelding AddOn)

**** must be ordered separately (is included in KUKA.Sim Connectivity AddOn)