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KP2-HV HW two-axis positioner

The KP2-HV HW two-axis positioner with one rotational and one tilting axis enables the flexible machining of workpieces. It is available with a payload capacity of 1,100 or 2,600 kilograms.

Advantages of the KP2-HV HW two-axis positioner:

  • High precision:
    The rotational axis and tilting axis enable large and heavy components to be positioned with high precision.
  • Extremely flexible:
    The KP2-HV 1100 HW can move payloads of up to 1,100 kg, while the KP2-HV 2600 HW can be used for payloads of up to 2,600 kg.
  • Robust design:
    The housing provides outstanding stability – even in harsh production environments.
  • Simple integration:
    The positioner can be combined with any KUKA robot quickly and easily by means of KUKA EMD mastering.
  • Integrated hollow shaft:
    The two-axis positioner has an integrated hollow shaft which allows energy and fluids to be supplied in a particularly space-efficient manner.
  • Simple transportation:
    Straightforward transportation and simple integration thanks to built-in fork slots.
  • High welding power:
    Weld with up to 720 A with a duty cycle of 100%.

Data and variants of the KP2-HV HW positioner:

KP2-HV 1100 HW KP2-HV 2600 HW
Rated payload 1,100 kg 2,600 kg
Pose repeatability ±0.20 mm
r = 400 mm               
±0.35 mm
r = 600 mm
Standard turning range 370° 370°
Standard tilting range 115° 120°
Loading height 1,085 mm 1,145 mm
Optional: rated welding current
(100% duty cycle)
360 A / 720 A 360 A / 720 A
Optional: rated welding current
(60% duty cycle)
400 A / 800 A
400 A / 800 A



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