miKUKA: the standardized control technology

With the KUKA controller standard miKUKA, it is possible to control simple cells and to program large and complex production systems. Information about the machine status is transparent and standardized functions simplify operator control. 

miKUKA provides customers with control solutions that have proven their worth over many years in different areas of automation. The two primary components of the miKUKA software – miControl and miView – enable the user to create operator control and display functions very quickly and with little effort and then to expand them very conveniently. Networking, self-configuration and self-diagnosis: the miKUKA control technology meets the necessary requirements for production in line with Industrie 4.0.  

Everything under control with miKUKA

With the miKUKA software, you receive:

  • The standard modular PLC system miControl that is based on an open software system.
  • The miView visualization system. This allows you to generate and visualize the operator control and display functions in several languages directly from the PLC program in accordance with the user settings and on the basis of user and password entry. miView also automatically records and saves status information. You can thus investigate your system for susceptibility and optimize it accordingly.
  • The engineering tool miDesigner. This tool enables automated visualization of the data in standardized miView system images. 
  • The key performance indicator miKPI. This provides you with a complete overview of the system performance. With the aid of a database it is possible, for example, to evaluate numbers of items, cycle times and availability over defined periods of time.


With the miKUKA control technology and the miKPI key performance indicator tool, it is also possible to compare the energy consumption rates of your system before the actual commissioning process and develop appropriate measures to make production even more efficient.

miKUKA panel: the KUKA operator panel

In addition to the software, KUKA also supplies the necessary standardized hardware, such as the miKUKA operator panel with touch screen and computer in a stainless steel housing. Customers can receive the preconfigured device in three different sizes:

  • 17-inch wide format with KUKA-specific pushbutton housing (Emergency Stop, Start, Acknowledge)
  • 24-inch wide format with KUKA-specific pushbutton housing
  • 24-inch wide format with larger hard drive and more powerful processor
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