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KUKA at Motek 2018

At Motek 2018, KUKA will be presenting various solutions for the world of automation – from human-robot collaboration and pre-installed application packages to intuitive operation and production networking.

Visit us at Motek 2018: Hall 7, Booth 7214

The international trade fair for production and assembly automation will take place from 8 to 11 Oktober 2018. In Stuttgart, automation specialist KUKA will be presenting examples from its broad spectrum of products for the world of automation: cobots, the new KUKA smartPAD, a pick&place application, ready2_use packages and solutions for Industrie 4.0.

A cobot of the entertaining kind

At Motek, Bier Paulii will be demonstrating the possibilities of collaborative robots in an entertaining way. The wheat beer-serving cobot carries out all the necessary steps in interaction with its human colleague. The cobot grasps the bottle, opens it and pours the beer like a pro. The collaborative robot is the LBR iiwa cobot from KUKA.
Sensitive robotics with a difference: Beer Paulii perfects the art of pouring wheat beer.

KUKA smartPAD: new generation of robot operation

The KUKA smartPAD has been used as a control panel for all KUKA robots with the KR C4 controller since 2010. Now it has been further developed in many respects. As of 2019, the new smartPAD will replace the old generation. The new KUKA smartPAD is available for all payload classes, easier to handle and even more effective.

In addition, the new KUKA smartPAD has a capacitive touch display that features a similar level of sensitivity to a smartphone.
The capacitive touch screen of the KUKA smartPAD responds as sensitively as a smartphone.

Pick&place with the anyfeeder cell

Together with its system partner flexfactory, KUKA will be showcasing an “anyfeeder” cell for pick&place tasks involving a wide range of unsorted industrial components. Small parts – from the electronics sector, for example – are fed to a vibrating plate via a conveyor. There they are shaken until they lie evenly next to each other on the same level. In combination with a camera system, the KUKA KR 3 AGILUS robot identifies the individual parts, reliably picks them up according to the pick&place principle and precisely sorts them. 

KUKA ready2_fasten_micro for robot-assisted fastening of micro screws

With ready2_fasten_micro, KUKA offers manufacturers of small parts and intricate products a solution for the robot-assisted fastening of micro screws. The easy-to-integrate complete package consists of a KUKA KR 3 AGILUS robot, the KR C4 compact controller, the KUKA smartPAD and application software. The automation package for fastening micro screws particularly plays to its strengths in the electronics industry, where the parts in production are becoming ever smaller. KUKA ready2_fasten_micro is the right answer here for the robot-assisted fastening of micro screws.
KUKA ready2_fasten_micro: KUKA’s solution for maximum performance with minimum space requirements.

Automating painting applications with KUKA ready2_spray

Technologically well-equipped for the factory of the future: with the ready2_spray painting application from KUKA and its partner, Dürr.
Together with its partner, Dürr, KUKA has developed a painting application. The coating robot in this painting application is made by KUKA, while Dürr supplies the technology for applying the paint. In this combination, the painting application with matched components is unique on the market and fully tailored to the automation of coating tasks in general industry. Areas of application include the painting of wood, plastic, glass and metal.

Cloud software solutions for Industrie 4.0

Digitization, networking and smart production are playing an increasingly important role. For this reason, KUKA is demonstrating the cloud software solutions KUKA Connect and KUKA SmartProduction for Industrie 4.0 at Motek. KUKA Connect enables customers to access the data of their KUKA robots at any time or place. With the cloud software solution KUKA SmartProduction, it is possible to network entire production lines with one another and with the cloud. Not only KUKA products, but all active components of a production facility can be integrated.