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Used robots directly from the manufacturer

Used industrial robots from KUKA allow a cost-effective entry into robot-based automation. Decide for yourself if you want to rent or buy a used robot – or if you would like to sell one of your used robots back to us. 

Buy a used KUKA robot

You can always rely on used industrial robots from KUKA. With energy supply systems, bus systems and other extras, we as your manufacturer equip robots to your order.

  • Short delivery times: We have robotic arms in stock for various applications including arc welding, foundry, palletizing, loading and unloading, assembly, inserting and mounting, etc.
  • Tested quality even in used condition: You receive a warranty for every part on all KUKA used robots.
  • Affordable automation solution: The chance for small businesses to learn about robotics.
  • Full guarantee and support: from our global network.

Cost-effective automation with used robots: fair prices, high quality

KUKA used robots offer a cost-effective way for integrators and their end users to invest in robotics without compromising on quality.

Good condition or top-level:
KUKA used industrial robots in three quality categories

We as global robot manufacturer offer various robotic arms from our available stock starting with the KR AGILUS and the LBR iiwa with a small kg payload, to 6-Axis models such as the KR CYBERTECH with a medium payload as well as machines with a high payload such as the KR QUANTEC up to the KR Titan for heavy loads.
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A rented robotic arm manufactures a fiber composite element using carbon and glass fibers before the eyes of the visiting public at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Rent a used KUKA industrial robot

Rent an industrial robot arm and get to know robotics in a cost-effective way.

  • Ideal for short-term use: Rent the robot arm only for as long as you need it (but a minimum of 3 months)
  • Your benefits if you purchase: The rental payments made are proportionately deducted from the purchase price
  • Completely transparent: You can request many robot types from us for a monthly rental rate
  • No repair costs: In the event of damage you did not cause, you benefit from the “all-inclusive” rental deal under our comprehensive guarantee
  • Always up-to-date: With the newest generation of devices, you will always have access to the latest technology

Are you interested in used KUKA robots?

Whether buying or renting. We as global robot manufacturer will gladly advise you with any questions.

Do you want to sell your used robot?

  • Simple return: Should you no longer need your used robot, we will happily evaluate the robot for potential repurchase.
  • Save money: When buying a new robot, ask us about the possibility of a part-exchange with your old model.
    Would you like to sell your KUKA robot? Contact us. We are happy to help you.