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Autonomous mobile robotics (AMR)

KUKA offers a wide range of mobile robotics which covers the entire value creation chain and perfectly meets the requirements of intralogistics and production in the new networked industry.

The future of robotics is mobile and autonomous

Thanks to advanced sensor technology, no-code programming as well as state-of-the-art battery technology and higher energy density, autonomous mobile robotics is able to navigate autonomously, detect obstacles safely, evade these and create alternative routes. To ensure the continuous stable operation of our mobile robots, all KUKA vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art Li-ion batteries, which are available around the clock in inductive charging mode. The result: 24/7 operation and 99% availability.

This unrestricted mobility opens up entirely new areas of application for robotics. It is used in a wide range of industries, including warehousing, manufacturing, healthcare and retail.

Security and no-code programming for barrier-free flow

High flexibility: the linking of any number of autonomous mobile robots, seamless integration into existing operations and faster adaptation to customer requirements or product changes
Intelligent systems from a single source

Our autonomous robots are developed and manufactured with the latest technologies and innovative functions to meet the highest standards in performance, reliability and safety. Our automation portfolio includes series products for industry that meet different specific requirements. These high quality standards are also applied exactly to the AMRs. Thanks to our extensive experience and specialized know-how, we are also able to develop targeted concepts for your tasks in this field.

Your advantages when using autonomous mobile robotics from KUKA:

  • A versatile portfolio

    • Autonomous mobile platforms
    • Mobile manipulators
    • HRC-compliant solutions
    • All payloads
    • For cleanroom applications
    • Drive technologies: omnidirectional, differential
    • Standardized and customer-specific solutions
  • Autonomous factory

    • Hybrid and free navigation: via SLAM method and via QR codes
    • No-code solution with artificial intelligence
    • Fleet management for the complete transport system
    • Simple integration into existing production: VDA/VDMA-5050 compatible
  • Global all-round service

    • Customer support 24/7, 365 days a year
    • Broad portfolio of e-services
    • Global partner network
    • Feasibility studies, test setups
    • Virtual simulation
    • Programming services
    • Training of employees on site or digitally
  • High safety

    • ICE, UL and FCC certification for IoT devices
    • TÜV-tested HRC system (robotics, grippers)
    • ISO-3 cleanroom certification
    • ESD protection acc. to ISO 61340-5-1 and ANSI ESD S20.20
    • IP 54: Protection against water spray and dust

360° support: from the initial idea to upgrades

Feasibility studies

Evaluation of the practical feasibility of a project through a thorough analysis of the following factors: technical feasibility, resource requirements, legal aspects and economic profitability.

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Test setups

Design, development and execution of test setups in order to identify potential weaknesses or potential for improvement.

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Network of certified system partners

Our global network of certified system partners is spread out around the world and offers in-depth expertise in the field of autonomous mobile robotics. Together, we offer reliable support for every automation task.

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Tailor-made service concepts

Our service: from the planning and selection of suitable mobile robotic solutions through to the simulation and smooth start-up along with efficient operation in warehouses or in production and onto the overhauling and modernization of the entire fleet system.

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