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Services for digital transformation

KUKA’s digital services offer tailored solutions for the specific requirements of the smart factory. From the simulation of systems and robots to monitoring and individual evaluation of data to support: we accompany and support you with our digital services and thus make your production more transparent and efficient.

Comprehensive and efficient

Whether for planning systems, commissioning and monitoring, optimizing ongoing operations or hands-on support: our digital services cover all phases of the value chain.

With tailor-made services, you can optimize your robot fleets as well as the management, maintenance and safety of your systems. You ensure that errors are detected immediately and corrected efficiently. You receive important notifications at any time, can gain a clear overview and can also have remote access if needed. And not least, you increase efficiency because with the right service you safeguard the productivity of your system, unlock potential for improvement and thus enhance the overall performance.

KUKA’s portfolio of digital services

Our portfolio covers all areas of the customer journey

Keep track of your robots – with KUKA iiQoT

KUKA iiQoT is our central IIoT platform (Industrial Internet of Things) for all robots: it continuously collects all condition data, whether from hardware, software or controllers. The platform offers individual notifications (push notifications) and the possibility of data enrichment for system and maintenance management as well as for condition monitoring. In this way, companies are always optimally informed about their robot fleet, but also about the condition and efficiency of each individual robot. With the help of individually customizable dashboards, problems can be identified at an early stage and solved quickly and comprehensively thanks to integration in the KUKA software landscape. The expertise of the IoT subsidiary Device Insight is used to provide state-of-the-art software and generate maximum added value from the data.

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Always quickly up to date with KUKA iiQoT.

Reliable planning with KUKA.Sim

KUKA.Sim is the smart simulation software from KUKA. It allows companies to develop and simulate applications with KUKA robots in their cells or production systems even before the actual system is put into operation. The robot motion sequences programmed offline are depicted in real time and analyzed and optimized with regard to their cycle times. With features such as a reachability check and collision detection, you can make sure that robot programs and work cell layouts can really be implemented.
The data are absolutely consistent: what occurs in the simulation will happen in exactly the same way in reality. The advantages for your company: you can now not only plan a new production system better and more flexibly, but can also test and optimize it even before the order for the system is actually placed. In this way, KUKA.Sim enables maximum planning reliability at minimum cost.

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From simulation to reality: KUKA.Sim ensures maximum planning reliability.

Monitoring with KUKA VCS Monitoring

With KUKA VCS (Visual Commissioning System), production and assembly lines can be optimized: the monitoring tool collects and processes automated signals from PLCs and robots, and displays them clearly. This allows companies to view and assess all important system parameters – in order to subsequently make appropriate optimizations.

KUKA VCS makes complex processes transparent and controllable.

Networking with the KUKA.DeviceConnector

KUKA robots provide a wide range of valuable data, for example status messages, motion profiles or diagnostic values. The KUKA.DeviceConnector (KDC) makes these data quickly and simply available for various applications, whether for digital KUKA products and services or individual customer applications, whether in the cloud or on premises.

The KDC maps the data to the structured, standardized OPC UA data model and communicates via OPC UA with the edge or the cloud. Furthermore, it can also communicate directly with the KUKA Cloud or with the customer’s cloud via MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) – without additional hardware.

The information is then analyzed and processed. For example, it can be used for asset management, communication, troubleshooting, condition monitoring or diagnostics. This enables companies to detect and eliminate system bottlenecks, prevent production downtime through condition monitoring and predictive maintenance and, as a result, increase system productivity.

Whether status messages, motion profiles or diagnostic metrics: the KDC supplies all the data.

Support through KUKA Remote Service

One of the greatest challenges in production is posed by downtimes and malfunctions of systems or robots. Any delay in resolving a problem costs money. Our certified service technicians from KUKA Remote Service are therefore always quickly on hand: through a secure and encrypted VPN connection and the compact KUKA.ConnectivityBox, they can see what is happening on premises. They can access the controller in real time and find out extremely quickly where the problem is and how to fix it. Long travel to the site or on-site deployment is usually no longer necessary.

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Remote Service is always there for you.

Saving time with KUKA Xpert

KUKA Xpert is our digital knowledge base. Service technicians, planners, programmers, operators and start-up technicians will find comprehensive technical information, explanations and instructions relating to KUKA products here, which will help them to resolve numerous problems quickly and independently.

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The KUKA Xpert digital knowledge base contains all relevant information about our products.