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Employees with career experience who are motivated and like to roll up their sleeves – that is precisely what we are looking for to develop new innovations at KUKA.

Perspectives for employees with career experience

At KUKA, employees with career experience have the chance to shape the future of modern technologies proactively. With your expert knowledge, you can help push our innovations into new areas.

With your ideas, you will attract attention throughout the industry while your skills make a valuable contribution to establishing Industry 4.0.

KUKA success story: Senior HR Officer, Faye Wilson

Unlike a lot of HR professionals, I didn’t go to university. I started work at 18 years old as a receptionist and I soon moved onto become part of the admin team in an employment law department. When I realised how much I enjoyed this work, I decided to take on a CIPD Certificate in Personnel Practice course at night school.

While I was working as a HR administrator, I was contacted through Facebook by Harriet, the Head of Human Resources at Swisslog. I had been recommended by a friend for a temporary position to assist with transferring 50 employees from a customer over to Swisslog – a process known as TUPE in the HR world.

From this point onwards, my role at Swisslog progressed really fast. The temporary position quickly became a permanent one, as my line manager went on maternity leave and my responsibilities expanded.

Portrait of Faye Wilson with KUKA logo background

Employees with career experience who are motivated and like to roll up their sleeves – that is precisely what we are looking for to develop new innovations at KUKA.

Faye Wilson, Senior HR Officer at KUKA

The people here are the reason I love my job – everyone goes out of their way to help. It might be a corporate organisation, but it’s so friendly, and the senior management team have an open-door policy. It’s great to be part of the KUKA Group. It means the HR department is now responsible for over 350 people and counting, and the flat hierarchy means I get to work with people at all levels – from managing directors to engineers.

The culture at KUKA has enabled me to become so passionate about my job, and look forward to working on different projects. Recruitment is really important at the moment to keep up with growth, but as new products are often introduced, the ongoing training and development of employees is high on the agenda too.

Passion and individuality as success factors

The majority of our products are made of many individual components. Only when these components interact are the products ready for use and unique. That is just what we want from our employees: in addition to technical knowledge and enthusiasm for working together, you should have a strong personality above all else. Your individual affinities and strengths make the decisive difference. In this way, all employees make a sustainable contribution to the company’s success.

Benefiting from the expertise of the market leader

The enthusiasm shared by about 12,000 KUKA colleagues all round the world is not something that happens simply by chance. KUKA is a global player with more than 100 years of experience in the industry. In addition, involvement in ground-breaking projects relating to Industry 4.0 and products from the areas of automation and robot technology make every day exciting. At KUKA, we offer you the freedom to take independent decisions – an exciting continuation for your career to date.

Prerequisites for your career at KUKA

Revolutionary ideas bear fruit if they are converted into deeds with commitment. This is what we want from our staff: employees with career experience should not only provide a wealth of ideas and technical skills but also, above all else, a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm in taking decisions.
These characteristics will convince us:

  • Technical interest

  • Commitment

  • Autonomy

  • Team skills

  • Determination

  • Flexibility

  • Open-mindedness

  • Motivation


Primarily, we are looking for master workers, technicians and university graduates from the following courses:

  • Engineering sciences (automation technology, mechatronics, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering)

  • (Business) information systems

  • Business administration

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