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Clean adhesive application nozzles thanks to the KS Nozzle Cleaner

With the KS Nozzle Cleaner you achieve consistent seam quality in your vehicle production at all times. The KUKA nozzle cleaner reliably removes adhesive residues from the application nozzle, thus ensuring clean application nozzles in the long term and perfect adhesive processes.

The KS Nozzle Cleaner performs an important function for automated adhesive application processes in body-in-white production: when sealing vehicle parts such as door frames or tailgates, the nozzles must be cleaned on a regular cycle. If the nozzles are fouled this can lead to changes in the spray patterns or even nozzle blockages. By regular nozzle cleaning using the KS Nozzle Cleaner you ensure consistent seam quality.  

This is how the KS Nozzle Cleaner works

The KS Nozzle Cleaner essentially comprises a base frame, the cleaning nozzles and the container for collecting the adhesive residues. It is available in the Mini variant with up to three nozzles or in the Maxi variant with up to six nozzles. Other versions and options can be offered as required. 

  • Initial situation: in an automated system for car body construction a robot continuously applies adhesive to closures.
  • After a defined number of spray applications, the KS Nozzle Cleaner is activated. The robot moves the application nozzle to the nozzle cleaning position.
  • The KS Nozzle Cleaner supplies a blast of compressed air to blow the contamination residues off the nozzle.
  • Optionally the KS TCP Check verifies the accuracy and geometry of the spray nozzle. If the nozzle has been out of use for some time the robot can also apply a spray seam on a spray table in order to assure the quality.
  • The robot then recommences the adhesive application process on the vehicle.
In detail: a view into the KS Nozzle Cleaner 

Advantages of the KS Nozzle Cleaner

  • Reproducible: the cleaning and the facility for quality assurance allow you to achieve consistent seam quality.
  • Quick: our pre-set nozzles can be integrated into your process in a very short time.
  • Transferable: thanks to the verniers, the settings of your nozzle cleaner can also be easily transferred to other systems.