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KS Rack Changer: Movement in your production

Reliable loading and unloading of component racks with a payload up to 990 kg: An easy task for the KS Rack Changer. It makes a smooth production process possible even when relatively large components are involved.

Racks (component containers) are preferably used for transport and supply of body components in welding lines.

The KS Rack Changer makes sure that each rack change will be carried out in the shortest possible time. It can be individually adapted to the required rack size. These advantages and its simple structure make the KS Rack Changer a valuable working implement.

How the KS Rack Changer functions

Our Rack Changer consists essentially of four stations:

  • Loading: In the first step, the rack containing the particular body components is taken from a forklift truck or via a route train into the loading station.
  • Transport 1: On the system side of the KS Rack Changer, an empty rack is lifted vertically by the telescopic fork and moved to the waiting position in the meantime.
  • Transport 2: The full load carrier is now prepared for removal. To do so, it moves into the position from which the empty rack was previously collected.
  • Unloading: While the full rack is being emptied on one side, the empty rack on the other side moves down from its waiting position and is moved to the unloading position from where it is removed. A new rack change cycle can now start. 

Advantages of the KS Rack Changer

  • Cost-efficient: standardized components mean that the KS Rack Changer can be set up quickly and requires little maintenance
  • Wide variety of applications: rack widths from 1,200 to about 4,400 mm, rack depths from 1,200 to 1,800 mm. Further options on request.
  • Enormously effective: loaded racks are provided in less than 40 seconds

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