DKP two-axis positioner

The DKP two-axis positioner with one rotational and one tilting axis enables the flexible machining of workpieces. The DKP has a payload capacity of 400 kilograms.

Advantages of the DKP tilt-turn positioner:

  • Enhanced ergonomics:
    Work processes can be made easier and more efficient thanks to the ergonomic loading height of the DKP 2-axis positioner.
  • Quick positioning:
    No matter which axis it is using, the tilt-turn positioner finds the required position swiftly and with the utmost precision.
  • Central supply:
    The DKP enables the highly process-friendly supply of energy and fluids through the center of the face plate.
  • Compact design:
    The DKP 2-axis positioner has been designed with minimized outer measurements and space-saving dimensions.
  • Flexibility:
    The DKP 2-axis positioner enables absolutely flexible machining of the workpieces at all times.
  • High welding power:
    With a duty cycle of 100%, the tilt-turn positioner ensures welding power of up to 430 A.
Flexible and high-precision welding of medical products with the aid of the DKP positioner. Find out more about our positioner in our customer project.

Data and variants of the tilt-turn positioner:

Rated payload 400 kg
Pose repeatability <±0.06 mm
Standard turning range Infinite
Turning range with energy supply system +/-185°
Tilting range
Max. loading height 857 mm
Rated welding current (100% duty cycle)
430 A
Rated welding current (60% duty cycle) 500 A

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