The KUKA smartPAD: simply more freedom

The KUKA smartPAD was designed to master even complex operating tasks easily. It can be deployed universally and is easy to operate, even for inexperienced users.

Facts and figures about the KUKA smartPAD

Display: Scratch-resistant industrial touch display
Display size: 8.4"
Dimensions: 240 x 290 x 50 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 1,100 g
The KUKA smartPAD is especially suited to complex operating tasks.

The context-sensitive interface of the KUKA smartPAD only displays the options relevant at the moment of operation. Thanks to the intuitive operator guidance, less experienced and expert users alike can work quickly and efficiently with a minimum of training.

Advantages of the KUKA smartPAD

  • Ergonomic design
    The KUKA smartPAD has a reduced weight and is anatomically designed – for efficient, comfortable operation.
  • Universally applicable
    Use the KUKA smartPAD to operate all KUKA robots with a KR C4 controller.
  • Antireflection touch display
    Operator control is quick and easy via the well-lit 8.4" screen with an intuitive user interface. The smartPAD can even be operated safely and quickly when the operator is wearing protective gloves.
  • 6D mouse
    Intuitive, Cartesian movement and reorientation of the robot in three or all six degrees of freedom.
  • Eight jog keys
    Separate jog keys for direct control of up to eight axes or external axes without switching.
  • Multilingual
    The user interface for operation and programming is suitable for international use due to the wide range of languages available by simple selection. Systematic further development of the tried-and-tested KUKA operator control and programming concept.
  • Hot-pluggable
    The KUKA smartPAD can be simply connected to and disconnected from a KR C4 controller at any time – making it ideal for use with other KUKA robots or for avoidance of inadvertent operator errors.

Operation of all KUKA robots with a KR C4 controller

The KUKA smartPAD is ideal for use with all robots with a KR C4 controller.

Simple programming with the smartPAD

Whether you’re a novice or programming expert, the KUKA smartPAD will quickly take you to your goal. Because it offers the suitable programming options for every requirement. A single control panel to reliably perform the most varied of tasks.

KUKA.KRL: the programming language of advanced robotics

KUKA Robot Language (abbreviated KRL) is regarded globally as a standard programming language. It is easy to learn and is perfectly suited to the wide-ranging options provided by KUKA robotics. The intuitive KUKA smartPAD can be used to create complex and customized programs for robot motion steps and tasks in a broad range of applications – both online and offline.

Incredibly efficient: programming with inline forms

The KR C4 controller provides inline forms for the fast, error-free programming of tasks and motion steps. They can be called via menus and are available as standard. This simplifies the programming of RoboTeams with up to six synchronized robots.

Customer-defined program modules

KUKA integrators can expand the library of available KUKA inline forms according to customer requirements. This leads to the creation of special applications which can be easily programmed for recurring tasks. A competitive advantage for system integrators: specially developed inline forms allow for unique solutions, optimally tailored to the companies which use them.

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