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Human working together on a puzzle stands for the way of working at KUKA


KUKA as a company represents a culture of creative collaboration across all of our divisions, and we encourage autonomy throughout our diverse workforce.

We are committed to rewarding our employees with the recognition they deserve, and provide opportunities for staff to grow and develop through the ranks when they have demonstrated significant passion linked with great performance.

A dedication to building strong and productive teams means social events are always on our calendar – we believe good working relationships are at the heart of employee wellbeing and a healthy work/life balance.

In return for your hard work and commitment, we offer the chance to be part of a thriving global community, with plenty of opportunities to expand your geographical reach and fulfil your duties in other parts of the worldwide KUKA network.

KUKA success story: Sales Administrator, Ruth Chivers

My further education and the first ten years of my working life were focused on hairdressing, and I never thought I would amount to anything else. I moved into an office-based job for an oil and gas company, but when I wanted to try something new, I applied for a receptionist job at KUKA. It was the best decision I have ever made.

KUKA saw potential in me that I didn’t even notice myself, and gave me confidence that I could be just as successful as anyone else. The managing director, Jeff, quickly recognised that I had an aptitude for sales, and I was offered a new role as Sales Administrator.

I’ve only been at KUKA for two years, but my role has developed really fast. I recently started helping out with order management processing, and I’m really looking forward to getting more involved with the customers. I was also recently given the role of wellbeing representative, which means I promote healthy living to my colleagues and organise fun events that keep us fit too.

Sometimes it is unbelievable how much support I’ve had over the last two years, and how far it has allowed me to come in such a short amount of time.

Ruth Chivers, KUKA Sales Administrator

If I hadn’t taken a job with KUKA, I don’t think I ever would have had this much opportunity, but I am now surrounded by a team of people that have given me the confidence to believe I can achieve more.

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