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From intralogistics to matrix production

Henry Ford revolutionized production in 1913. Since then, the assembly line has changed the way in which production is conceived and organized. The arrival of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) in production halls is a turning point in this development. Currently mainly mentioned in the context of intralogistics, AMRs are much more than self-propelled pallet trucks.

What is the true potential for companies utilizing autonomous mobile robots?

  • AMRs allow radical flexibility of production.
  • AMRs enable the replacement of purely linear and clocked production with island and matrix solutions.
  • AMRs increase the efficiency of the material flow and production process to establish maximum machine utilization and cost-effective production of individual parts and small batches.
  • AMRs fundamentally change the way we think about and organize production.

Content & questions:

  • How will autonomous mobile robotics change the production of the future?
  • What opportunities are opening up for companies?
  • How are AMRs a profitable, future-oriented solution?
  • Is the investment worth it?
  • Success factor interoperability: perfect harmony in your connected production.
  • Real use cases

Make your company competitive and future-ready with AMR!

Your speakers:

Dr. Tobias Rainer Schäfle from Fraunhofer IPA will provide valuable insights on the future of production and the role that AMRs play in a dynamic operational environment. Matthias Buck, Managing Director of BEC GmbH, will shed light on the successful use of AMRs from the perspective of a versatile integrator using a practical example. Together with KUKA experts Michael Jürgens and Antonia Ritter, they will explain in a panel discussion how AMRs can be effortlessly integrated into production environments and what needs to be considered.

Tobias Rainer Schäfle
Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation

Tobias Rainer Schäfle is a passionate engineer who is enthusiastic about robotics and innovative technologies. His academic career includes a Masters of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Science (M.Sc.) in Engineering Cybernetics. In 2021, he completed his PhD in Engineering at Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan. Since November 2021, he has been working as an expert for industrial service robotics in the robotics department of Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart.

Michael Jürgens
Vice President AMR, KUKA Deutschland GmbH

Michael Jürgens has been continuously developing the autonomous mobile robotics business at KUKA for almost eight years. With his extensive experience in AMR project and program management in plant engineering, he is an absolute expert in his field. Together with his team, Michael is pursuing the vision of scaling the AMR business as a product business and establishing KUKA as the first provider of this type on the market.

Antonia Ritter
Commissioning of Application Modules, KUKA Deutschland GmbH

Antonia Ritter started her professional career in 2017 with a dual degree in mechatronics. In the department for commissioning special applications, she specializes in product maintenance and programming new AMRs. For the last two years, Antonia has played a key role in the market launch of the mobile cobot KMR iisy - from the first steps of commissioning to various test environments and the global product launch.

Matthias Buck
Managing Director of BEC GmbH

Matthias Buck founded the company BEC Robotics during his studies. Originally started as a consultancy service in the field of robot applications, BEC Robotics is now a global high-tech robotics company specializing in the development of leading automation solutions for the research, entertainment, industrial and medical technology sectors. Matthias is fascinated by new technologies and specializes in mobile robotics.

Moderation: Jonas Micheler
Global Content Marketing Manager, KUKA Deutschland GmbH

Jonas Micheler has been passionate about robots and good stories since he was a child. Since 2022, he has been combining this by telling stories himself to KUKA fans, followers and readers in the Robotics division's content marketing. They are about robots that manufacture car batteries, machine precision tools or perform medical ultrasound scans. His credo: content is silver, storytelling is gold!

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