Arc welding

Arc welding include shielded arc welding processes such as gas-shielded metal-arc welding (GMAW) using the MIG/MAG processes. It is possible to weld not only thin sheets with a thickness of 0.7 millimeters or greater, but also thick plates with a thickness of up to 100 millimeters.

Arc welding: the technology

For shielded arc welding, an arc, a steel wire and a shielding gas are required. The arc constitutes the heat source. The welding wire that is fed automatically and the workpiece are melted and can thus be joined.

Certain gases are additionally used to protect the molten metal against oxidation.

  • For metal active gas welding (MAG), active shielding gases are used, such as CO2, or mixed gases containing CO2 or O2.
  • Metal inert gas welding (MIG) is carried out using inert shielding gases, such as argon, helium or mixtures of these gases.

Automated arc welding technology

KUKA offers everything that is needed for automation in the age of Industrie 4.0 – from the KUKA flexibleCUBE compact welding cell to the KS Arctec technology package:

KUKA flexibleCUBE

Automation is easy with the KUKA flexibleCUBE compact welding cell – both for beginners and for advanced users wishing to expand an existing system.

KS Arctec

The KUKA KS Arctec technology package has been specially developed for gas metal-arc welding with robots. Its modular structure enables us to integrate your standard components and design a user-friendly workstation.

One of the successful function packages for use with welding robots is the KUKA Master Feeder Quadro-Drive with a 4-wheel wire feeder mounted directly on the robot wrist.

KS Arctec

Arc welding: the advantages

Arc welding with robots enables you to benefit, in particular, from the following advantages:

  • Simple automation capability
  • Optimal process reliability
  • High system availability
  • High system flexibility
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